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GDA vice-chairman gives residents a ray of hope. What did he say?

Posted: May 19, 2017     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

At a meeting today involving the RWA Federation, Flat Owners Federation and residents of the city, Kanchan Verma, the vice-chairman of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) assured prompt action on resident woes.

Here are the issues discussed at the meeting:

1. Construction of an approach road to Crossings Republik

Work has been in limbo owing to a legal twist to the problem. The case has been undergoing trials in Allahabad High Court since 2012. A portion of the planned road passes through a 900-sq-m plot. The owner of the plot, a local villager, is not willing to sell his land. Hence, construction work has been suspended for the time being. The unavailability of the approach road affects about 25,000 families residing in the Ghaziabad township. Residents present at the meeting demanded an out-of-court settlement as a solution. In response, Verma said a meeting involving the farmers, GDA officials and residents would be held soon to arrive at a conclusion. 

2. Unavailability of sewer line connections to the sewage treatment plant in Raj Nagar Extension

In a similar situation elsewhere, the reluctance of another farmer has led to a newly constructed sewage treatment plant (STP) to lie idle. The farmer is against the sewer line passing through his plot. As a result, the connection between the STP and the societies in the area is still pending. The societies have no option but to dispose of untreated sewer water in the open. To this, officials said the matter had been challenged in Supreme Court and that they were waiting for the next hearing on July 4.

3. Encroachments

Pointing out the need to do their bit too, Verma urged residents to step away from public land they may have encroached upon in the form of ramps, DG installations and personal green areas.

The other issues discussed at the meeting were choked sewer lines and traffic disruption in Indirapuram. 

Speaking to City Spidey, TP Tyagi, chairman of Flat Owners Federation and RWA Federation, said the meeting was fruitful, as the vice-chairman assured them that their concerns would be dealt with.

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