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Ghaziabad: WhatsApp groups to improve police-public dialogue

Posted: Jun 18, 2017     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

In an effort to bridge the communication gap between the police and the residents, Ghaziabad police has started several WhatsApp groups called Jansamwaad. The initiative provides one group of residents for every police station of the city.

The groups will connect top officials, station officers, police post in-charges and the residents. "This initiative was being worked upon since a few weeks now. I have shared all these groups with SHOs and chowki in-charges of every police station. The SHOs have been made the administrators of these groups," said Akash Tomar SP (City), Ghaziabad.

"These groups will enable direct communication between the representatives of the public and the police at all times without any hassle," added Tomar.

The WhatsApp groups will facilitate swift bilateral communication and enable the police to issue quick updates about traffic jams or any dangerous situation, a threat — or any other issue.

According to Tomar, a comprehensive list of people active in various residential activities was provided to every police chowki. And, directions for inclusion of other important residents were given to the in-charges, so their names too could be added.

When asked about the criteria for the selection of the members, Tomar said, "We will add people who are responsible and can represent a section of the community, such as RWA members, doctors, NGO members, businessmen and others.”

A week will be initially required to assimilate people across the district before the groups can be regularised. "I am training the chowki in-charges — to equip them to act more promptly whenever a request has been shared by any member. I will be monitoring the process myself," Tomar added.

Alok Kumar, a resident of Arihant Harmony, who is also the patron of FedAOA, said, "This is a great initiative and will prove to be very helpful for the residents."

As many as nine groups have been prepared so far.

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