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Gzb parents collect funds to raise awareness about their rights

Posted: Jun 19, 2017     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

In yet another effort to deter the high handedness of private schools in the city, Ghaziabad parents have taken it upon themselves to spread awareness among parents about their and their children’s rights. 

On June 19, members of All School Parents Association (ASPA) from Ghaziabad initiated a week-long fund raising drive to collect funds to make banners and hoardings that would be put up near schools and other popular locations of the city. According to the association’s members, these public displays will include CBSE’s “pro-parents” guidelines and the NOCs issued to schools by the authorities.

The district administration along with the joint director of education (Meerut) had earlier ordered schools to display the guidelines of CBSE and the NOCs in school premises, such as on school’s notice boards and at entry gates. However, the orders remain largely unheeded as none of the schools have followed them.

Speaking to City Spidey, Shivani Jain, president of ASPA, said that the first fund-raising drive was conducted near Ghanta Ghar area of Ghaziabad, where members knocked every door and went to every shop to collect donations.

The members said that in the first day of the drive, they collected Rs 15,211 and the next drive would be conducted near Vaishali Metro Station and the nearby areas.

Jain also told City Spidey that that none of the schools followed guidelines such as reserving 10 per cent seats for socially and economically backward children, and not charging building development charges from parents.

ASPA members maintain that the schools have shied away from displaying the rules as they were flouting them and the display of these rules in school premises would put them into direct confrontation with parents.

“Parents must realise that they are not supposed to pay for anything other than their children’s education. The schools have been leeching on the parents’ hard-earned income, which the helpless parents had to pay for their children. If our drive manages to raise awareness even among a small number of parents, we will consider it a success,” added Jain.



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