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Ggn: Over 50 years of age? No need for a medical check-up for driver's licence

Posted: Jul 15, 2017     By Reena Dhankher

With an aim to make the procuring of the driver’s licence easier for citizens over 50 years of age, the Haryana government has introduced a slight change to existing rules. Those over 50 will no longer have to get a medical check-up done at a government hospital to get an OK for their licence. They will now need only a self-declaration.

“This makes things much simpler for us. Few people want to visit government hospitals for a driver’s licence,” said a resident.

However, while many feel relieved, others feel getting a medical check-up done was a necessary precaution.

“I don’t think this is an appropriate modification, said RS Yadav, a resident of Sector 57. “No one who is applying for a licence will think he or she is unfit for driving. The self-declaration makes no sense.”

Doctors, too, believe it was an essential step in the process that has been done away with.

Dr Brahm Deep Sindhu, MD, senior psychiatrist, Civil Hospital Gurgaon, said, “Though things are simpler now, I feel a medical check-up should have been mandatory. For instance, how will an applicant know if he or she suffers from colour blindness, no matter how minor the condition.”

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