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Now, a police picket to monitor goings on in Essel Tower, Gurgaon

Posted: Aug 13, 2017     By Reena Dhankher

After last week’s brawl at Essel Tower in Gurgaon, an upmarket residential complex, police have erected a picket to check the break out of hostilities in the colony housing the Pilot’s Courts complex.

Residents of the colony were perturbed and agitated over loud music, late night parties and arrivals and departures of ladies at odd hour and lady guests staying overnight. Last Friday, an ugly brawl broke out between the tenants and owners of the colony that had the RWA complaining to the police.

Now a police picket has come up to monitor the goings-on in the condominium. Incidentally, the colony has been witnessing arguments and fights over differences on lifestyle that some tenants maintained.

The police picket, with two police personnel, will be stationed in the evening to keep an eye over the colony and check unruly activities.

As per the new rules and regulations drawn up by the RWA in view of security and safety of residents, visitors to the colony are required to display photo ID cards on demand. The RWA has also begun the process off installing CCTV cameras.

Anil Kumar, ACP Sadar, told City Spidey, “We will ensure that all the points of disagreement between both parties don't exist anymore. The tenants will be refrained from causing any disturbance to residents and an ID card system will be religiously followed.”

However, the management committee of Pilot Courts is still formulating few more processes to be put in place and for the present was tight-lipped about the same.

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