Dwarka to have the longest cycling track in India soon!

By : Community Reporter
Oct 23, 2021 Photo: Cityspidey

Dwarka, the satellite city of Delhi is going to have the longest cycling track in India. According to officials from Delhi Development Authority, there would be a total 60 km cycle track across the city to promote a green mode of transport and a healthy lifestyle in the community. This is the longest track in India as Mumbai has a track of 39 km. Work to make the cycle track is in progress and one could see the tracks along the metro corridor. The tracks are in red have a symbol of a cycle and signs showing the direction and location of the tracks.

Cycle track in Dwarka

As informed by one of the officials involved in the project, at present, a 16 km track has been developed and soon its use would be started. “We have made it for 16 km as a pilot project. The 16 km track is almost completed and people have also started using it, though the formal inauguration is yet to be done,” said the official.

He added that looking at the success of the pilot project, a total 60 km track would be developed across Dwarka. The tracks would be made in such a way that its network would cover all the sectors of the city. According to the official, the width of the track has been made 2.5 m so that two lanes would be there and two cycles could use it at one time together on both sides. Tracks have been developed so that any cyclist could approach it through a ramp from the main road or street.

On the other hand, to make this project a success and to give a complete green mode of transport to the city, according to the officials those who don’t have bicycles would be able to take a cycle on rent after some basic formality, from the cycle stands developed near metro stations and other spots along the tracks.  Such stands would be developed to make the city a city for cycle lovers, as said by the official.

Unlike the tracks in other areas, the tracks have been protected at the entry-exit points with wicket gates. Explaining their reason, the official said, “ We want only the cycle to use these tracks and not the motorcycles, rickshaws and other such vehicles. The wicket gates give a passage only so that a cycle could enter the track.”

Such cycle tracks are a matter of joy for the cycle lovers of Dwarka. They expressed their feelings. Venkatesh from Dwarka Cycle Club said, “Post Covid, people have realised the importance of health and the advantage of cycling for the same. The government has initiated laying down cycling tracks across the city while emphasising cycling for recreational as well as commuting. Dwarka has huge potential as we are blessed with wide roads and service lanes along with parks. During a Covid there was a huge influx in people of across different ages, buying cycles and embracing it as a daily regimen in some form or the other. The tracks look neat and well thought. The bright colors used to lay these tracks look very international. Unfortunately, we as citizens aren't educated about it or are too callous when we park our cars and other vehicles on these designated tracks and drive on the same as well. We at Dwarka Cycling Club are proud to have encouraged Dwarkaites to take to cycling and would love to be a part of any endeavour to educate people to respect cyclists and the tracks for them which is promoting safe, pollution friendly cities and healthy individuals.”