About City Spidey App



Hello Neighbour!

Welcome to City Spidey, an online solution that will make your neighbourhood a better place to live.

City Spidey is an app with tools that can help your RWA/Society management run a more efficient community. It is a platform to exchange information with an entire neighbourhood or simply chat with your favourite neighbour. It is a tool that will make democratic decision-making and elections in your colony/society/neighbourhood much easier.

Too busy to pay RWA/society bills? Do it online on City Spidey. Want to safeguard your house from unknown visitors? Use City Spidey’s visitor management feature. What’s more, you can call maintenance services to your home from wherever you are. And even make new friends by joining or starting a new group or forum.

And these features are just the beginning. There’s tons of other utilities on this neighbourhood management app. That’s why more and more colonies, residential associations and housing societies across Delhi NCR, from Noida to Gurgaon, Ghaziabad to Indirapuram are switching to the City Spidey app.

Download the definitive society management/apartment management software as an iOS/Android app or register on the website!