CitySpidey Society Management App



Hello Neighbour!

CitySpidey is a mobile solution especially designed for residents and managers of RWAs and Society managed apartment groups.

It has been designed keeping the needs of residents and Society/RWA management in mind. CitySpidey is the solution that will eliminate the need for paperwork, face-to-face meetings, and needless back and forth of communication.

If you are a resident of a Society or RWA, you might want to download CitySpidey for a wide range of conveniences and comforts. Be it monitoring the safety of your home by remote screening of visitors, or carrying out domestic tasks like getting maintenance work done or paying Society bills, this app has something for everyone to enjoy an easier life. Interacting with neighbours and Society / RWA Management has never been this easy. 

If you are part of Society/ RWA Management you’ll surely welcome the ease with which you can maintain society and individual accounts, monitor ongoing tasks in the society, resolve resident complaints, and communicate with the community from the comfort of your mobile phone wherever you are.

What’s more, utilities like the Visitor Management System for screening incoming and outgoing visitors in your neighbourhood are entirely smartphone based so you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware to ensure greater safety of your locality.


Download the definitive society management/apartment management software as an iOS/Android app or register on the website!