Society and RWA Management Made Easy



Here is a complete list of features and utilities you can benefit from when you sign up with City Spidey. Our platform can be used on computers, mobile phones and across Android and Apple OS’s. If you’re a Society/RWA manager you can call us for a free demo of our handy backend society management system dashboard that you can use on your computer. If you’re a resident, you can sign up with us already, it’s free!

Online Notice Board

Opinion Poll for residents and society/RWA management
Online call to maintenance services (electrician, plumber etc.) for residents; and management of service requests for society/RWA management

Online payment of society/RWA bills for residents and maintenance of Accounts for managers
Online reservation of shared neighbourhood facilities (event halls, game rooms) through Bookings

Remote Visitor Management System
Gate Management System
Online neighbourhood Directory
Reviews of residential areas on Community
Society/RWA discussion Forums
Apartment & Housing Society Accounting
Platform to start local Groups for shared hobbies, activities and interests
Daily updated Spidey Buzz for local and hyperlocal news


Title: Neighbourhood/RWA Management, Apartment & Housing Society Accounting

Description: City Spidey apartment management app provides Neighbourhood notice board, public opinion poll, online rwa bill payment, visitor management system, gate management system, rwa management, Apartment & Housing Society Accounting, society management system and society maintenance service

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