Avoid perfume in Delhi, it may trigger cough
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Avoid perfume in Delhi, it may trigger cough

Pollution can affect even a healthy person, says a chest infection specialist. 

Avoid perfume in Delhi, it may trigger cough

You might feel healthy enough to take a morning walk and roam around your society. But if you are living in Delhi, forget about following your habit.  In the toxic environment when the city has literally become a gas chamber, it won't be advisable to take any risk. The steep decline in air quality level (AQL) in the city has made even healthier people cough. 

In fact, the pollution level has reached to such a serious level that doctors are asking people to avoid using even perfume at Public place and dhoop indoors. This way you will contribute a little bit to the least better air. 

Amarjeet Singh, 49, a resident of Aditi Apartment in East Delhi, says, “I used to go out on early morning walk every day. But, for the last few days, I am coughing and feel slight chest pain. This never happened to me before. I consulted my doctor. He advised me not to go on a walk for a few days if it's not a sunny day.” 

Dr Narendra Kumar Taneja, a chest infection specialist and member of Homeopathy Council, said "Pollution can affect even a healthy person. People are not alert about the side effects of pollution.” 

He advised against using gas spray perfume while travelling in the metro or any other public transport. At a time when dust particles are settled down at a very low layer, the gas spray perfume toxic scent enters air and triggers coughing. 

We are also suggesting people not to use dhoop or agarbatti (incense sticks) at home. It can affect senior citizens and children. 

Dr Rajkumar, director of DU's Patel Chest Institute, said, "Long-lasting effect of the pollution is seen in the form of various allergies. Coughing is a symptom of the allergy.” 

In a survey conducted by the institute, more than 30 allergies were found in people living in Delhi. He said we do prick test for diagnosis of allergy.