Ahinsa Khand resorts to letter war against vendors
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Ahinsa Khand resorts to letter war against vendors

AOAs have started writing letters to exert pressure on authorities for a vigil against encroachment.

Ahinsa Khand resorts to letter war against vendors

After failing to clear Ahinsa Khand II of the encroachment by street vendors, agitated residents of the area have started complaining to the authorities at the society level. Various apartment owners' associations of Ahinsa Khand II have launched a letter war to exert pressure on the authorities for a constant vigil against the vendors. 

Following in the footsteps of the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) of Ashiana Upvan society, the AOA of Raison Armor has written to Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) demanding relocation of stationary vendors from the area to a vending zone. 

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Justifying their demand, the Raison Armor AOA cited the reasons in their letter which read: "Recently, many shops and vendors cropped up at the main road. Now, the vendors are occupying the entire roads hampering the smooth movement of traffic. No space is left for streetwalkers."

On Tuesday, the AOA of Ashiana Upvan had written to the authority demanding the removal and relocation of the stationary vendors from the area.

However, the AOA of Ashiana Upvan, conceding the need for the services of some laundrymen and cobblers, sought to exempt them from the demand. 

"Societies can provide spaces to them (cobblers and laundrymen) inside their premises or they (the vendors) can set up their shops at spots where there is less possibility of traffic congestion," said Anil Sharma, president of the AOA. 

Last week, an anti-encroachment drive was conducted by the GDA with the concerted effort of all the AOAs in the locality. However, days after the drive, the vendors came back to their business. 

"Either a gang is working behind their operations or the lack of a follow-up from the GDA is encouraging the vendors to return," stated Sharma.