70-odd RWAs meet to discuss clean-green initiatives
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70-odd RWAs meet to discuss clean-green initiatives

The conference was attended by Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) officials and Gurujal Team.

70-odd RWAs meet to discuss clean-green initiatives

Gurugram: More than 70 RWAs across Gurugram gathered at MP auditorium in Power Grid society on Sunday for a mega RWA conference. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform to RWAs to share their vision and the practices that they followed to make the city green and clean.

Representatives of the RWAs discussed the role they played in rainwater harvesting through different methods, need for harnessing solar energy, water conservation, afforestation etc.

Highlighting the need for harnessing solar energy, Shubra Puri, founder of the Gurgaon First, said that this was a good time for the RWAs to go solar which is not only clean resource of energy but also economically beneficial. 

She said, "Around 10 RWAs in the city have adopted solar energy and thereby managed to cut their electricity bills. Gurugram has all the potential to become the solar city as we have progressive policies and infrastructure to support. When the International Solar Alliance (ISA) headquarters is based in the city, it is imperative for us to demonstrate the world by leading from the front. Dakshin Haryana Vidyut Bijli Nigam (DHVBN) need to build up the capacity and encourage people to go solar." 

While talking about the water conservation Praveen Malik, RWA president of Sare Homes said, "Water is lifeline and its conservation is need of the hour. Our groundwater is already depleting and most of the societies in New Gurugram are dependent on tankers which is further worsening the situation. It is essential to recharge groundwater for which we have taken some steps and urge others to follow suit." 

The conference was attended among other by Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) officials and Gurujal Team. The MCG officials highlighted various initiatives taken by them to solve civic woes of the people. Additional Commissioner MCG, YS Gupta, pointed out that they have already initiated the takeover process for private colonies. 

"The takeover of several private colonies is under way and we have prepared a detailed roadmap to tackle the city’s waste management problem. 25 GPS enabled vehicles have been inducted for door-to-door collection and we have also got consent from the pollution department to set up a waste treatment plant." 

Addressing the gathering, Badshahpur MLA Rakesh Daultabad emphasised upon partnership and dialogue for solution to any problem. He lauded the efforts of the RWAs and encouraged others to follow the best practices of their neighbourhood.

He vowed to work towards implementation of 74th amendment act. He said, "I will work to implement 74th Amendment (Nagarpalika Act) in true spirit to decentralized power and empower Municipal Councillors and Mayor. I will raise this issue with the government and the state assembly as well."