Putting price on votes, Dwarkiites focus on civic issues ahead of elections
Putting price on votes, Dwarkiites focus on civic issues ahead of elections
Putting price on votes, Dwarkiites focus on civic issues ahead of elections
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Putting price on votes, Dwarkiites focus on civic issues ahead of elections

Dwarka: Ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections which is just around the corner, community people have set their own agendas to choose their MLAs in Dwarka. They are getting vocal about the issues that they are facing everyday. They want proper attention of candidates on their issues.

They want proper addressal of issues which are especially at micro level and affect them on a regular basis. People are properly bringing the issues to the fore during the meetings with the representatives of different political parties and different Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs).  

Most of the issues have been persistent for long time. The residents are also asking for action on delayed projects of the government. They have asked for immediate attention on the delay of governmet hospital project at Sector 9 and want deadline for completion of the project.

President of Federation of RWAs in Sector 9, Advocate KS Bhati said, “This well-planned city has no government hospital and it is a tragedy. The hospital project was delayed despite construction is going on. We want to elect an MLA who could expedite the government projects and do something to better health facilities. Apart from that, there should be smart and effective policies for senior citizens as far as health facilities are concerned in the city.”

The other grass-root level issues include straemlining of traffic at the entry and exit of the sub-city and lack of recreational facilities. A theatre artist and resident of Ispatika Apartments in Sector 4, MP Singh said, “In the city, there is a dire need to improve the entry and exit points as they always witness big chaos.” Singh further added that the representative must be humble, kind-hearted and well connected to the community.

People are saying that no matter who will do what and which subject is under whose jurisdiction, but the whole thing is to address smallest to biggest issues related to the people. 

Shubha Swati from Sector 14 said, “Multiple civic agencies are there like DDA, MCD, PWD etc in Dwarka. Most of the time, civic issues do not get resolved in time due to jurisdiction dispute among agencies. An MLA could play a significant role in managing that. So a representative must be someone who could understand the subjects and get the works done in time.”

City roads have been in bad shape for a long time and that has become an issue for the people to vote. They are saying that a public representative should know how and what problems are being faced by community round the clock. 

JC Malhotra, an octogenarian senior citizen from Welcome Apartments in Sector 3 said, “Most of roads are in bad shape near our societies in the last two years. No one took it seriously. I face the problem on a daily basis and this is most important subject for me while deciding to vote for candidates.” 

One of the major factors which seemed prominent and common in the versions of the people was that they wanted a representative who could be a grass-root level leader, who could be easily approached and who would listen to them with a humane feeling. They said that they would analyse deeply before going to vote in the elections.