All-woman mission sanitation at Sare Homes 
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All-woman mission sanitation at Sare Homes 

For composting, the RWA dug up 20 pits to convert the wet waste into manure.

All-woman mission sanitation at Sare Homes 

Gurugram: With tonnes of garbage piling at the landfill site every day, female residents of Sare Homes have come forward to deal with sanitation issue. They have taken up the cause of waste segregation and composting. 

The initiative was taken up by an all-woman's group of the housing society in sector 92 concerned over the growing pollution in the city due to unplanned garbage disposal.

The campaign was started by Shalu Gawri, Subhashree Saho, Laveena Chawla, Amita and Deepali Chauhan with the basic rule of waste management to follow consists of segregation, reuse and disposal of waste.

Speaking to City Spidey, Shalu Gawri, one of the members of the group, said, " I have recently moved in here. I was concerned when I saw that we are giving away the mixed waste to the vendor. As waste segregation is not a new concept, our small women’s group joined hands for the common cause. We approached the RWA with the idea to initiate waste segregation in the society and dispose of wet waste at the source itself which they accepted."

They started spreading awareness among the residents to segregate their dry and wet waste and launched a signature campaign to ensure that everyone becomes part of the initiative. For composting, the RWA dug up 20 pits of the size of 3X3 feet to convert the wet waste into manure through vermicomposting.

As a result of their efforts, around 700 families are following the waste segregation system in the society. Wet waste comprising 60 % of the total waste generated from the society is now being compost within the society premises. The process takes 50-60 days.

Shubashree Saho, another member of the group, said, "Garbage is not the problem, but its management is. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to segregate waste and compost it to reduce the overburdened land fill site. We are composting kitchen waste and horticulture waste. Majority of the residents are complying with the waste segregation rule and we are hoping that the rest will follow suit as it is in the interest of all."

Lauding the efforts of the women's group, Praveen Malik, RWA President of Sare Homes, said, "We are happy that the woman residents have taken the initiative in bringing a positive change in the society. We fully support them and have prepared the roaster to monitor the process. Our area does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and there is no agency to look after the sanitation of the vicinity. Hence, it is imperative on us to take a step in this direction and set example for others."

"We have also requested the authority to make it mandatory on every society to adopt sustainable waste management practices in their premises so that we can solve the garbage problem in the New Gurugram," he added.