Gaur City: 12th Avenue braces for second AoA elections
Gaur City: 12th Avenue braces for second AoA elections
Mirah Zamin
Gaur City: 12th Avenue braces for second AoA elections
Photo: CitySpidey

Gaur City: 12th Avenue braces for second AoA elections

Greater Noida (west): As the incumbent Apartment Owners Association (AOA) is approaching the end of its term, the poll fever returned to 12th Avenue, a highrise in Gaur City 2 here.

The election is scheduled to be held on March 22 and the result will be declared on the same day. The society has 1,388 flats most of which are occupied by tenants.

The current AoA has urged all the flat owners to become members of the AOA. The election committee, formed to look after upcoming elections, has issued a circular informing the flat owners about the process and requirements for becoming a member of the AOA.

The committee has initiated the process to include all the legitimate owners in the list of voters. The right to vote in the AOA elections is reserved only with flat owners.

Nomination for the elections was held between February 17 to 27 this year. While there were nine new nominations, three members of the current AoA –  Alok Kumar, Rakesh Ranjan and Rabindra Nath Mandal – are also contesting as part of the second AoA.

Last year, out of a total of 1,300 flat owners, 379 turned out to cast their votes for electing a committee ten-member comprising.

Speaking to CitySpidey, Rakesh Ranjan, who had received a maximum number of votes last year, said, “The incumbent AoA has successfully got the Memorandum of Transfer (MoT) signed by the builder and has also initiated the process of handover, part of which is still in process and will be taken up by the next AoA”.

The nominees have been carrying out a door-to-door campaign to urge the residents to take part in the elections and to hand out their manifesto which reads: 'Surrender the ME for the WE’. 

The manifesto has in its priority list the promise to get the pending handover from the builder, work for transparency between the AoA and residents and strive to have all the facilities and security for the residents.

Ranjan said, the second AoA will pursue the builder to give 12th Avenue its own diesel generator sets and will get water supply from the Greater Noida authority after getting pending bills of the builder cleared.

For recreational purpose, they wish to build a library cum reading room for the residents along with forming different teams for the environment and cultural activities in the society.