Struggles of a working mother with online classes
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Struggles of a working mother with online classes

Already, when I am in my happy space now, I hear my girl crying

Struggles of a working mother with online classes Representative Image

I am a comparatively new mother. Comparatively, because I have only one baby who is six years old girl. Every day is a new day for me as a mother. She is a growing kid, and I see a new difficulty, a new challenge every day which I face as a mother.

On top of it, her schooling happened in the most unprecedented way. When it was time for her to enter formal schooling in 2020, the corona pandemic struck, and schools were shut down. The guilt of not being able to send her for pre-schooling in a disciplined manner has been haunting me.

Now imagine, she is a kid who was brought up with a mobile in her hand and a YouTube access to keep her busy in a way that I can continue basic household chores and do something in my business which I had to shut down eventually. Though somehow, I managed to continue freelancing videos and writing work.

Because of my reserved nature, I don't have many friends and for that reason, my baby too doesn't have any friends. The only pride I could take was that she learned her initial communication in the English language. She is already good in English unlike most kids of her age or her peers. And, YouTube had some good content for kids available only in English in 2015.

Recently, I started working because she turned six years old. As if, life gave me my opportunity to return back to work. My husband is working from home for sometime now. My girl is grown up enough to not trouble her father much and we have a trustworthy house help who can look after her.

Already, when I am in my happy space now, I hear my girl crying. I get calls during my office hours, that she says that she wouldn't attend her online assessment calls and examinations. It's hard for her to accept that her mother isn't there for her anymore, sitting with her during her exam and guiding her way out.

And her father is learning to become a perfect father who can undertake the responsibility to foster his baby. Nursery kids today don't even know that there were formal schools that their seniors attended and a kid of her age doesn't really understand the concept of school and the teacher. She is still learning how to behave and obey her teacher.