Bangla Sahib goes tech-savvy to serve more people
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Bangla Sahib goes tech-savvy to serve more people

Automatic machines installed in their kitchen during lockdown

Bangla Sahib goes tech-savvy to serve more people

New Delhi: Located in the heart of Delhi, this historical Gurudwara has 24 hours langar seva.

Initiated by the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Bangla Sahib has now modernised its kitchen to serve more people. This initiative was completed under the ambit of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee.

Now, hand seva at the gurudwara is accompanied with automatic machine services. A total of 11 new machines have been installed including 3 fryers, 5 cookers and other machines for grinding, cleaning and chopping of vegetables.

The machines were officially introduced from January 31 at 12 pm.

Automatic machines were installed during the Covid-19 induced lockdown. It took 6-7 months to train the workers and examine all machineries and their installation.

The aim is to serve lakhs of people throughout the pandemic without much human contact. These machines work on electricity and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

At least 4,000 chapatis and 400 kg of dal can be prepared under 2 hours in one go with the help of these newly installed machines. The langar is prepared for around 35,000 devotees visiting the gurudwara everyday, which goes up to more than 1 lakh people on holidays.

Harbhaj Singh, manager of Bangla Sahib langar hall said, “Machines help in saving time. Hygiene precautions are taken properly. Every time after langar is prepared, fryers are cleansed manually. There are a total of three teams who work in shifts for preparing the langar.”

The kitchen of the gurudwara also has installed appliances which keep it cool and pollution free.

Rasoi Ghar (Gurudwara's Kitchen)
The new automatic cooker installed in Gurudwara's Rasoi Ghar
The new fryer installed in Gurudwara's Rasoi Ghar


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Tarun Chauhan
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Navdeep Kodan
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