Goose let the chicks out!
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Goose let the chicks out!

New batch of goslings hatched at Dwarka Sector 23 waterbody, see pics

Goose let the chicks out!

There is an under-explored waterbody near Pochanpur Village in Dwark’s Sector 23, which has been a delight for many nature enthusiasts. Local birders and nature photographers can often be found roaming around in the area, looking for migratory birds and the infamous nilgais.

On March 17, a new batch of goslings hatched in the waterbody. The waterbody was first introduced with a pair of domestic goose in August last year. They were rescued by the ‘Boichiki Boys’, a group of young nature enthusiasts. These college students found the pair in Gazipur Chidiya Mandi and tried to rescue them.

They now have 5 healthy chicks swimming around with them. The development of this waterbody was a collective effort of many local nature enthusiasts.

CitySpidey spoke to Diwan Singh, one of those who helped in the revival of this waterbody. “The community of Pochanpur and the Waterbody group worked collectively for its revival. For the last many years birds and animals have been adopting this place as their home. A new generation of peacocks and nilgais have been added to the place. The young goslings are the center of attention though. This waterbody has helped bring our community together and developed the spot into a tourist place. More such nature hotspots should be developed in Delhi,” Singh said.

Akash Bhardwaj, a member of the ‘Boichiki Boys’ told CitySpidey, “I can’t explain my happiness in words. I’m so glad their family is complete now. But we are a small group of college-going students, we can only do so much. Many developmental work can be done in this waterbody, more aquatic life can be added here. We are always open to help and I’m thankful to the people who helped us throughout this journey.”

Here are some pictures of the family swimming happily on a hot summer afternoon.