This is how RWA bodies plan to celebrate Holi amid coronavirus
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This is how RWA bodies plan to celebrate Holi amid coronavirus

CitySpidey spoke to RWA bodies of Noida and Rohini to know about their views, ideas, and guidelines

This is how RWA bodies plan to celebrate Holi amid coronavirus

New Delhi: Holi is just two days away and people are getting ready to celebrate it this year. But as there are different norms in place due to increase in coronavirus cases, there are people who are denying to celebrate the festival.

CitySpidey spoke to RWA bodies of Delhi-NCR to know about their views, ideas and guidelines for the residents. They shared their plans to celebrate Holi amid coronavirus.

Nisha Rai, Secretary of NOFAA, Zone 3 said, “NOFAA has suggested the societies to celebrate this Holi with family and eat healthy food. We suggested people to avoid wet Holi and physical contact.
Maintaining social distance is very important. No food stalls, DJ party, rain dance arrangements will be made for open celebration. Those who were planning to do so have canceled it due to rise in cases.”

Madan Khatri, President of Vikalp Group Housing Society and General Secretary of Housing Federation, IP Extension societies Mahasangh said, “For Holi, we have advised the residents to play from heart and not by hands and bless each other to stay safe. We have asked the residents to not forget to cover faces while greeting, only celebrate with tilak on forehead and not on any other place of face.”

Ram Avtar Nayyar, PRO, Federation of CGHS, Rohini, President of Northex Senior Citizen Forum and Superadmin of Police Public Coordination Committee group mentioned, “Federation teammates of CGHS Rohini will honour all the guidelines set by Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) like banned congregations and no crowded public celebrations during Holi due to sudden increase in Covid cases.”

He added that low key celebrations can be arranged like parties on the rooftop with friends and family. People should avoid physical contact and maintain social distancing. He mentioned, “Organic colours will be the first choice. We will distribute packets of aaloo poori at doorsteps of residents. Few societies will play Holi with flowers, rose petals, kesar and chandan in temples. Sweets like Bansiwala and Gujiya will be part of the menu in few societies.”