Trending Hai Kya: Know more about the weekly viral trends
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Trending Hai Kya: Know more about the weekly viral trends

On Twitter, netizens tried to translate popular Hindi songs into English.

Trending Hai Kya: Know more about the weekly viral trends

New Delhi: Social media is always buzzing with something crazy. There is always a unique or interesting or absurd thing going viral on the internet. CitySpidey’s Trending Hai Kya compiles such trends for you. Following are the trends that made people go gaga this week:

Link PAN card with Aadhaar meme goes viral:

Twitter is abuzz with hilarious reactions and memes as people face technical issues to link their PAN card with Aadhaar on the last date (March 31, 2021) set by the government.
However, the central government extended the last date for linking Aadhaar numbers with PAN from March 31, 2021, to June 30, 2021, in  view of the difficulties arising in linking the card, the Income Tax Department said on its official Twitter handle.

Did Bobby Deol predict Covid-19 way before it was a thing?

A meme page, Bobbywood on Twitter shared a video of Bollywood actor Bobby Deol, in which the actor can be seen saying that he can see all the things which we can’t and do all the things which are important to prevent coronavirus like social distancing, wearing of face masks, and washing hands.
The viral video got 14.6k likes and 3,848 users retweeted it. It's not the first time that Bobby gave a meme to the netizens.

A man expresses his love on the road with this grand gesture:

In Maharashtra’s Kolhapur, an unidentified local man wrote a message over a stretch of 2.5 km road and expressed his love for his partner. He painted messages like, “I Love you,” “I Miss You” and “I miss you. Zindagi ke saath, zindagi ke baad bhi.”

The unidentified man is from Dharangutti village in Shirol Tehsil of  Kolhapur district. He used white oil paint to write his messages on the 2.5 km road from Jaisinghpur to Dharangutti.
Twitterati translate Atif Aslam's songs into English:

On Twitter, netizens started to translate Atif Aslam’s popular Hindi songs into English and the results were hilarious. Now, Twitterati initiated an unusual social media challenge. It started when a Twitter user shared a tweet where a girl from Islamabad shared that she loves Atif Aslam’s song 'Habit'. The users also admitted that it took five minutes to understand that the song is ‘Aadat’.

To know more about these trends, watch the video: