Things we all wanted from our favorite shows as a kid
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Things we all wanted from our favorite shows as a kid

From Doraemon's gadget to Karishma, the robot, we wanted it all

Things we all wanted from our favorite shows as a kid

If  you are a 90s' kid then you will vibe with this article more than anyone else. As someone who spent a better part of my childhood in those golden years, I grew up with beautiful dreams and impossible wishlists. 

From Doraemon's high-tech gadgets to those ninja techniques, I wanted it all. As I grew up watching only cartoons and more cartoons, the value of some of these things only increased 'bachpan se ab tak'.
In the early 1990s, channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and The Disney Channel began producing dozens of animated shows on weekdays. These shows not only lit up our evenings but also left us with tons of fantasies and fairy tales. These one below are sure to give you a nostalgic high:

1. Sab khanna hai

Remember all that food shown in these cartoons. Pizza is love but what about Dora Cakes, Shin Chan Noodles, Scooby Snacks, Tuntun Mausi  ke Ladoo?? Cartoon food > real life food and I’ll take them all, saare dedo.

2. Ninja hattori ki ninja techniques

I remember thinking of learning all these Ninja techniques from my favourite Ninja Hattori. Hattori had a Ninja Technique for literally everything, haina Bored? Fun? Ninja technique for everything we wanted. Free Pizzas ki Ninja technique and of course, Chipkali Bhagane ki Ninja Technique. I wanted to learn all of those.

3. Pokémons & Pokéballs

Pikachu mai tumhe chunta hu!! You'd be lying if you said you never tried this infront of a mirror. You'd be lying again if you said you never wanted Pikachu or Bulbasaur with you as a kid. Pokemon Go was nice, but a real life Pokemon to alag hi swag hota. Gym leaders, battles and training pokemons, I'd still give anything to be able to try them once.

4. 'Karishma ka Karishma'

I grew up wishing I could exchange my sister for Karishma. Not gonna lie, I still (all the time) wish that. The part about a robot sister? Pull out her batteries whenever she annoys you (evil laugh). Don't squirm, I know you wished this too.

5. Need thoda jaadu from 'Shararat'

Whenever life gets a bit tough, then Rani devi se baat karke, Shararat waali powers dila do bas. You can 'Shring Bring Sarvaling' the heck out of it!

6. 'Shaka Laka Boom Boom' pencil

I wanted to be Sanju so bad that I tried to bring my drawings to life so many times. Didn't you also wish for a magic pencil like that? I know I did. A nd yes, all of this made complete sense to us 90s' kids. So much so, in my weak moments still, I still ask a stationary supply shop if they ever got one. I know this dream will come true, some day. 
7. Dragon stone

Mai chahu, mai chahu, dil se mai yeh chahu, dragons ke sang udkar dur desh chala jau” Oh, what I'd do as a kid (and an adult) to get my hands on this stone! Also, with the current coronavirus situation in India, to be able to go to a land of magical dragons is a major mood!

8. Doraemon gadgets

As a kid, and more as an adult, my only dreams were to own Doraemon’s 'anywhere door'. Ab dekho, bhagwan ka diya sab kuch hai, paisa hai (not), shaurat hai (not), izzat hai (not), bas ek Doraemon wala Anywhere Door mil jata toh bas... else I can do away with BambooCopter too.

9. Beyblades

Remember visiting your best friend’s house and going through that precious Beyblade collection just to play tournaments in a Kadai or a Carrom board Well, that peak childhood. But unlike the ones in the show, these did not spin for hours and follow my commands or have dragons and lions come out of it. 

10. Mickey Mouse's 'toodles'

If you’re somewhat like me, chances are you can never find anything when you need it the most. Mickey Mouse's Toodles would have been a dream come true. Also, fastest food delivery ever! Just say ‘Oh toodles and it’s gonna come flying with a plate of momos, chocolates or pizza or whatever it is you want! Dayum!

Honestly, I never really got over this childhood wishlist. I will always, always hope that this wishlist comes true. Toodles!