Easy to make desserts from milk at home
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Easy to make desserts from milk at home

Milk holds an extremely crucial position in our daily intake

Easy to make desserts from milk at home

New Delhi: Most of us will confess to having a sweet-tooth. Can you blame them? The delicious mouth-watering variety available is too much to resist!

Indian desserts are made with ingredients ranging from fruits and vegetables to grains and legumes.

Milk holds an extremely crucial position in our daily intake. It's filled with protein and nutrients that are absolutely essential for human growth at all stages of life.

From adding it in our cereals, to churning out refreshing fruit shakes and smoothies, the emergent and unavoidable necessity of milk in our daily food chart has compelled us to be innovative and further push the culinary boundaries to embrace milk in mainstream cooking as well.

Here are some desserts which are made with milk and milk products:

1. Chhena Murki

It is a dessert made from an Indian version of paneer, milk and sugar in many parts of India. Milk and sugar are boiled together to get a thick consistency. Different shapes of paneer are soaked in the milky condensate. It originated from coastal areas of Bhadrak and it is available in all parts of India. Many other flavors and scented spices are typically added.

2. Phirni

Phirni is a common dessert in India which is served generally after having dinner or lunch. Some of the ingredients of phirni are milk, cashew, pistachios, walnuts, sugar, saffron, etc.

3. Rabdi

Rabdi is a dessert which is made using milk. Having rabdi with jalebis will double the deliciousness of this dessert. Some of the ingredients of rabdi are full cream milk, sugar, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, etc.
4. Kheer

A very delicious and enriched food item made of milk is Kheer. It is made by boiling the milk for a long time with sugar. It is boiled to an extent at which it becomes thick in texture and dry fruits are also added  to make it more healthy. It can be served hot as well as cold, depending on the taste of people.

5. Ras Malai

Ras Malai is made of sugary white cream, or it is made from yellow-coloured balls of chhena soaked in malai and flavored with cardamom. It is cooked in sugar syrup, milk with saffron, pistachios, almonds and kheer as stuffing. Other ingredients which are needed to form dough, shaped into balls, and dropped into simmering milk cream.

6. Cake Rusk

Cake Rusk is a light sweet rusk which is made using milk and cream, that makes it soft. Rusk is made up of rawa which is sooji and then baked until it gets crisp. People serve this at tea time. Without milk this is just rusk, which is not so soft and yummy.

7. Vanilla Milkshake


Combine leftover milk with the right amount of good quality ice cream and you can make the best vanilla milkshake you’ve ever tasted right at home.

8. Mishti Doi

A traditional Bengali sweet recipe prepared from thick milk which later converted to thick sweet yogurt. A popular bengali cuisine fermented dessert recipe is mainly prepared from full cream milk,  sugar/jaggery with some yogurt for starter.

Try out these milk dishes and enjoy them with your family and friends. Surprise your loved ones with your culinary skills. They will surely praise you!