Vaccination drives comes to halt in residential societies
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Vaccination drives comes to halt in residential societies

The sudden cessation of these drives is being blamed on a govt order

Vaccination drives comes to halt in residential societies

New Delhi: The vaccination for those who are 18+ came to a halt after shortage of vaccine in the national capital. In the government vaccination centres, there is no vaccination drive for this age group and in private hospitals, booking a slot has become a game of fastest finger first.

In the wake of the same, residential societies and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) started vaccination drives in association with hospitals. These drives were aimed at getting maximum people vaccinated. However, on Sunday evening, these vaccination drives at some places were stopped.

In such vaccination drives, private hospitals were charging a fee of Rs 1,000 or Rs 1,100 per dose. Everyone of age 18 and above was eligible to get vaccinated. The sudden cessation of these vaccination drives is being blamed on an order passed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

On May 29, the Ministry's Additional Secretary, Dr Manohar Agnani issued a letter to the Health Secretary and Principal Secretaries of all the states. It said that it has come into notice that some private hospitals are associated with some hotel groups in giving Covid Vaccination Package.

According to the guidelines, only four options are available for people to get vaccinated – government vaccination centre, private Covid vaccination centre, workplace Covid vaccination centre and vaccination centres near home only for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

However, such vaccination drives were being organised temporarily at community centres, RWA offices, Panchayat Bhawan, educational institutions, old age homes etc. After this letter was issued, all such vaccination drives were terminated on Monday.

On Saturday, a drive was organised in a society in Dwarka’s Sector-6 in association with Manipal Hospital. On Monday, this drive was to be organised in Delhi Apartments, Dwarka. Around 200 people had given their names to society’s management committee to get vaccinated, however, this vaccination drive was terminated and people are disappointed because of the same.