Residents of Akshardham Apartments complain of contaminated water supply
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Residents of Akshardham Apartments complain of contaminated water supply

Residents said the problem started 3-4 months ago

Residents of Akshardham Apartments complain of contaminated water supply

Dwarka: Residents of Akshardham Apartment in Dwarka's Sector-19 have been reportedly getting highly contaminated water in their homes for 3-4 months which has now increased their risks to various water-borne diseases.

A group of residents from apartments said there was the problem of contaminated water from the last 3-4 months as there was mud visible in the water which was not safe for drinking. Due to sewer filth being supplied through tap water, 50% water is being thrown on roads by the residents.

In this ongoing pandemic, it is an even more serious hazard with the health of more than 5,000 people staying in the pocket being compromised due to inaction. This has also created chaos and disturbed the residents daily life.

One of the residents of Akshardham complained, "Many residents of the society are continuously getting sewer water supply from Delhi Jal Board lines since weeks now. Despite raising multiple complaints, nothing has been done by the Delhi Jal Board. This is a serious threat to our health. Three members of my family had typhoid."

Prakash, another resident of Akshardham Apartment, said, "We have been filing complaints for the last few months about facing issues and being supplied with pungent and dark coloured water, which seems to be contaminated with sewage flow. However, despite reporting the matter with the concerned Residents Welfare Association and the Delhi Jal Board, no action has been taken at all. Since the water is crucial for both daily lives and households, the contaminated water supplied possesses great health hazardous risks for every one, especially children."

"As you are aware that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is impacting several  children and adolescents and according to medical experts, the upcoming third wave may also affect the children to a large extent. Besides, other diseases like Black Fungus, White fungus, Dengue, and other water-borne diseases etc. are also on the rise in the city. In such a situation, supply of contaminated water is a matter of concern in the area," he further added.