Story of a proud Lesbian
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Story of a proud Lesbian

Pride month is about acceptance, pride, history, and love

Story of a proud Lesbian

New Delhi: The month of June is celebrated as Pride Month every year. The world celebrates the Pride Month in honour of the LGBTQIA+ community, who have been through a lot in life to just be recognised and respected for who they are and they have come a long way. Pride month is about acceptance, pride, history, and love. Several campaigns and drives are held every year to educate people.

The LGBTQIA+ community has fought a long battle for their rights to live a dignified life. It also showcases how far gay and lesbian rights have come, and what all is yet to achieve. Today, CitySpidey talked to Kajol aka Bunny. She is a butch Lesbian. When she was in 12th standard, she found that she is a lesbian. However, before that, she thought that she was bisexual. She also had a relationship with a boy when she was in school.

Bunny said, “In my 12th standard, I found out that I am a lesbian and a part of an LGBTQIA+ community. A lot of times, I felt angry because my family members wouldn’t take me seriously, but  my cousins and my sisters know about me and I am happy that they understand me.”

She added, “I am very rebellious. If I want to cut my hair, then definitely I will. There are so many incidents where my parents have yelled at me for my dressing style. I wear mostly ‘masculine’ clothes like tugs, coats, and if there is any family function, they force me to wear a saree. I am not that person who loves saree, I hate them. Now they are okay with my clothes but they have taunted me a lot.”

“I graduated in 2019 and now I am 24 years old. I have a job and apart from that, I am working with the Nazariya LGBT. I am a core team member of that foundation. Before joining Nazariya LGBT, I had no idea about the LGBT community.  Nazariya taught me a lot. I have attended so many events with Nazariya and one of them is trans bills. I started working as a volunteer there but now I am in the main core team,” she added.

She further said, “When I was in 12th, I liked a guy and had a relationship with him but at the same time I also liked a girl and at that time, I thought I am bisexual. However, after a few weeks or  months, I realised that no, I am not a bisexual, I am a Lesbian. I used to have long hair in my school and then I cut them and after cutting my hair I felt good.”

“When I realised that I am a part of a community and I have to own it, I talked to my best friend about my sexuality and she was in shock. She really didn't like me as a lesbian and she told me that,  “There is nothing like a Lesbian, in future, you have to marry a boy.” Her words were hurtful and we are not best friends anymore,” she added.

Bunny shared that her family doesn't know about her sexuality properly and they also don't take it seriously. Then she said, “I want to tell my parents officially but first I want to become an independent person because I know, whenever I’ll tell them about my sexuality, they will get me out of the house.”

She added, “I was afraid when I realised that I am a Lesbian and seriously, at that time we needed a person who understands us and guides us because nobody knows how to go through it. I was bullied in my school and people used to call me by using slurs. I remember that in school, I didn't like to wear a skirt, I wore tugs but my teacher forced me to wear a skirt and then I wore it for 2 years and I never felt comfortable in skirts.”

Bunny concluded, “My first event with Nazariya was on September 6, 2018 when consensual sexual conduct between adults of same sex was decriminalised. I went to the supreme court and there I met so many people and when the hearing came, I was so happy and then I called my ex-girlfriend and we cried a lot because we are not criminals now. I have learned a lot from my ex-girlfriend. Whatever I am today, just because of her. She taught me how to live and accept my sexuality.”