Belly button: Do not avoid its care
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Belly button: Do not avoid its care

The belly button is proven to be connected to the veins and keeps us from many diseases, ailments

Belly button: Do not avoid its care

We see our navel every day but often neglect its care. Right? But do not forget, the belly button is the one that provides nutrition to the baby in the womb of a mother. The navel is the core of our body that plays a crucial role in our growth and requires care even when we become adults. 

In the medical world, the belly button is proven to be connected to the veins of our body and keeps us from many diseases and ailments. That is why they say, “maintain your gut health”. 

If the belly button stays healthy, the rest of the other parts of the body too. If we look back at the times of Vedas or Ayurveda, people used to oil their belly button for the nourishment of their entire body. 

Self care of belly button at home

Give a massage to the belly button every day. It is as simple as that. 

After bath and before going to bed, just take out a few minutes and pour some oil on your navel area. Start massaging the belly button for five to ten minutes in a circular motion. Massaging will help the oil to penetrate well in the navel area. 

Oiling at night is a must as it helps to get relaxed sleep. During the menstrual cycle, women should practice navel oiling to keep themselves away from cramps. 

Even choosing the right oil for the massage is very important. Generally, people use coconut, ghee, and mustard oil. But these oils are a little low on ayurvedic treatment. But what to choose then? Do not worry, you all - look out for oil that is naturally extracted from something. For example, oil of neem, lemon, tea, almonds, etc. 

Benefits of navel oiling 

The belly button is too tiny but is a cure for many skin issues. It helps to detoxify the skin by killing the free radicals of the body. The collection of the dirt in the stomach region is removed as oiling removes the unwanted bacteria of the stomach. 

Even the eyes can be protected by the massage of diluted solution mixed with mustard oil. 

Dr Aman Priya Khanna, a Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, said, “Navel oiling massage helps in removing joint pain. This massage activates the energy at the navel plexus chakra and balances the chakra's energy.”  

“Seed oil like mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and almond oil are good for oiling the navel but give different results to different individuals,” Khanna added.