'Discrimination is everywhere but if you have a strong will no one can beat you'
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'Discrimination is everywhere but if you have a strong will no one can beat you'

Sandy Sair was born and brought up in Khongjom Bazar, Thoubal, Manipur

'Discrimination is everywhere but if you have a strong will no one can beat you'

New Delhi: CitySpidey had a live session with a 28-year-old trans model and social activist, Sandy Sair, who broke social barriers and came out openly as a trans woman. Hear her story on our Instagram page.

Talking about her struggles, Sandy said, “There is no smooth road or good path, everyone has ups and downs in their life. Many times I faced discrimination but it didn’t stop me. Since my childhood, I was feminine and girly. My father used to buy toys for me like robots or cricket kits. He even admitted me to a football academy but I didn't go because I used to play with my friends, who were girls.”

“When I was young, my family knew that I had feminine nature and after my 12th standard, my parents understood everything but they ignored me because they were more serious about my studies. After completing my graduation, they accepted me and supported me,” she added.

Sandy was born and brought up in Khongjom Bazar, Thoubal, Manipur. She has a double graduation degree. Sandy worked with Arbin Tonjam, Suraj Waheng, and Seema, these are famous designers who got selected in Eclectic Northeast Magazine.

When CitySpidey asked a question related to her school life, she said, “I was good in academics and participated in many co-curricular activities as well. That’s why nobody had a problem with me. I was very lucky to always have a good surrounding.”

On being asked why she wanted to become a model, she said, “Since my childhood, I wanted to do work for my community and I believe that any famous personality or a trans model could help the  LGBTQIA+ community for choosing a good path.” Later, she added that she likes to do shopping, dancing, and hanging out with friends.

While sharing the challenging moment of her life, she shared, “In 2017, I went to my parents' house where I had an argument and tried to convince them, what I wanted to be. They understand me but they never accepted me before.” She added that her parents are worried about how she will survive but later she got a good job in Delhi.

One of our viewers asked a question about the her difficulties in getting job, Sandy replied, “Not only transgender face discrimination, it will happen either for a male or a female. There are many people in your surrounding, who taunted you or done bitching in your absence but it doesn’t matter to your core. You have to be clear with your goals or what you wanted to be.”

Our other viewer asked a question, how does the fashion industry treat people from the pride community, she replied, “Discrimination is everywhere but everything depends on your personality, if you have a strong and fearful personality then no one can beat you.”

To know more, watch our live. 


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