Break it to make it
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Break it to make it

You can channel your inner artist while sitting at home and trying out some DIYs

Break it to make it

You do not need a degree to make a piece of art and there is no need to take out special time for it from your hectic schedule.

You can channel your inner artist while sitting at home and trying out some DIYs. There are a lot of different types of craftwork you can create in your leisure time. Not only will you enjoy it, you’ll have beautiful handcrafted pieces to accessorize your space.

Here are a few DIYs you can make from broken pieces that are present in your home-

Caution: Be careful while trying these DIYs.

Frame from a plate

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Material required: Any ceramic broken plate, super glue, a photo that you want in the frame, paint and paintbrushes, scissors, varnish used for coating furniture.


1. Paint the upper surface of the plate with dark water colours like blue, red, green, black,. etc completely with a bushy paintbrush.
2. Let the colour dry, paint the plate again with the same colour.
3. Make sure that the whole surface of the plate is painted.
4. Sprinkle silver or golden glitter all over the plate.
5. Let the colour you have painted on the plate be visible after the glitter has been sprinkled.
6. Print any one photograph you like with family, friends, kids, pets, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.
7. Cut this photograph in a square, rectangular or circular shape. The edges should be smaller than the area of the plate.
8. Paste that photograph at the center of your broken plate.
9. Paint the same colour you used in point 1, around the sides of the photograph.
10. Slowly and carefully sprinkle a little glitter on the newly painted area.
11. With the help of a brush, apply one layer of varnish (a transparent coating that is used for coating wooden furniture) on the background of the plate.
12. Dry your piece of art for a few minutes and you are done.

This DIY can be a handmade gift for others as well.

Marble necklace

Photo Credit: wikihow

Material required: marble, necklace chain, pendant connector, fevikwik, glue, oven, cold water, foil, baking tray.

No need to worry if you do not have cracked marble, here is the trick to make cracks inside the marble-

1. Take a baking tray and lay a foil paper on it
2. Put 4-5 marbles on the foil paper
3. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. Put your foil and marble arrangement inside the oven
5. Leave it inside for approximately 20 minutes
6. Take out your marbles and drop them in the ice-cold water

The marble will crack as soon as it hits the cold surface of the water and you’ll have your necklace

Steps to make the necklace:

1. Take a pendant connector with a loop at the top (available online)
2. Stick that pendant connector with any cracked marble with the help of glue or fevikwik.
3. Let this arrangement dry properly
4. Take any thin necklace chain with a lock
5. Slide it inside the loop of the connector

Tadaa! Your necklace is ready.

Handmade paper

Photo Credit: makezine

Material required: water, bowl, strainer, old and used paper, cotton fabrics, roller.


1. Take out an old-used notebook and tear all the papers out from it
2. Cut these paper into small pieces
3. Put those cut pieces inside a bowl and pour water on it. Keep this arrangement for 1-2 hours
4. Put those water soaked pages in a mixer and add some water
5. Blend it properly till the pages are converted into a pulp
6. Now take a big bowl and fill it with water
7. Put two spoons of pulp inside it
8. Mix the water and pulp properly
9. Take a round strainer and put the strainer inside that big bowl
10. Pull the strainer out and you will see the refined pulp on it and water will get back to the bowl
11. Make sure that all the water is rinsed inside the bowl only
12. Now take a cotton fabric and press it on the pulp present over the strainer, this will remove the extra water present inside the pulp.
13. Slowly take the fabric off.
14. Lay a piece of fabric on the table and flip the strainer on it, now your pulp is on the fabric.
15. Lay a thick cloth on the pulp completely and roll a roller over it just like you do it while making chapati.
16. Let it dry properly.

Your handmade paper is ready!