Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough
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Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough

Floss once a day to keep cavities away

Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough

The most common oral hygiene that we are all aware of is brushing our teeth twice a day. But do you think that is enough? The answer is no. 

Brushing teeth twice a day is indeed important and should be done on a regular basis but a toothbrush cannot clean the area between your teeth. So, if you think you are taking care of your oral hygiene just by doing this then you are wrong. It is important to floss to avoid cavities.

How often should one floss?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), one should floss once each day. Brushing teeth and flossing go hand-in-hand as they both help in removing plaque and bacteria from our teeth. The bacteria feed on the
leftover food between our teeth and causes cavities. They release an acid which can damage the outer shell of our teeth known as enamel.

According to a study, it is recommended to floss first and then go for brushing. As flossing first loosens up bacteria and debris which are loosely attached to the teeth. Lastly, brushing can help in tidying these fractions away.

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Use these to floss

Dental floss
Tiny flossing brushes
Powered air flossers
Pre-threaded flossers
Water flossers
Wooden or plastic picks
Dental tape

Make sure you brush twice a day and floss to take care of your dental hygiene.