Parenting 101: Inculcate these habits in your kids
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Parenting 101: Inculcate these habits in your kids

It is extremely important to inculcate good manners in your kids

Parenting 101: Inculcate these habits in your kids

Children are like soft clay, they will mould the way you nurture them! The thing about kids is that they are quick to learn and adapt unlike teenagers who question and argue over everything. 

Grooming a child is a quintessential task for parents as it can help inculcate good habits from an early stage. It will take time to get those habits inflow as a parent. You need to be patient with them. Your repeated efforts and actions will help your child adopt the habit promptly. 

If your kid is young, gear up for imparting these good grooming tips:

Start with basic habits

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The first step is to teach the child about the importance of staying clean in our lives. 

-taking a bath daily

-brushing teeth twice

-clipping their nails weekly

-washing hands before & after eating 

If the child resists doing these basic things, parents can look for alternative ways to teach them like using toys while showering, an attractive brush set, sanitizer, and paper soap, and so on. 

Build the general etiquettes 

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It is extremely important to inculcate good manners in your kids. The child should be aware of the importance of behaving well in front of everyone. Things like how to greet someone when they meet, how to speak, the volume of their tone, and every such minute detail will make them well-mannered. Kids tend to copy their parent’s tone and ways, so you need to stay aware of your behaviour around them.

Children should start eating by themselves as soon as they are able to do so. They should be taught eating etiquettes and to finish the food on their plate. Also, teach them about gratitude for food. 

Say no to bicker!

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Anger is something that parents need to avoid. You need to stay calm and composed in front of them even if they make a mistake. Be forgiving and teach the importance of forgiveness to your kids. It will help them to do better socially and to deal with situations that require them to stay calm.

Do it yourself

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Being an overprotective parent can hamper the growth of your child. Children should be encouraged to do their work on their own, from brushing their teeth to getting dressed for school. 

It is essential for every parent to be their kid's best friend and to keep them close. Avoid scolding and be their go-to person when they need help or make mistakes.