Leisure: The new productivity
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Leisure: The new productivity

Read on to know how you can make most of your free time!

Leisure: The new productivity

While there is no perfect activity that is best for everyone, here are some creative leisure activities that could optimise your free time. Taking a break from the daily routine is essential. Sometimes we find an escape in travelling and sometimes we can engage ourselves in activities that will refresh our mind and will pay us back by developing our skills.

Here are some of the activities that one can do while sitting at home and in return, gain new skills. Read on to know how you can make most of your free time!

A new language

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Are you someone who wants to explore a third language after Hindi or English? If so, you can turn your free time into a valuable one by learning new languages that you like online. Steve Kaufmann wrote in an article ‘Language as a Hobby’, “Learning languages is very, very interesting, because every language gives you an opportunity to learn a lot of new things, and not only about this language itself but also about the related countries and cultures. This knowledge is a real treasure in terms of your personal development. Besides, we live in a time when our communication possibilities have expanded greatly. For instance, today we can use Skype or other similar software to make video calls to any place on the planet, and if you happen to speak a lot of languages, then it is, of course, easier to form and maintain relations with interesting people. But most people will not learn a new language every year. This is impossible. So I think that multilingualism is, above all else, a hobby.” 

‘Duolingo’ is a website that can help you be productive in your free time. 


Play a musical instrument 

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Hearing music is soothing but learning to play a musical instrument can be even more interesting. Learning how to play an instrument is a lifetime skillset. One can never age out of playing an instrument. In the long run, it’s a great investment that welcomes versatility, opportunities and increases creativity. Instruments can turn out to be one’s lifetime stressbuster.

Click on the link below to learn the basics of your favourite musical instrument. 


Click a pic

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No matter where you live, which profession you belong to or what camera you have, you can click photographs through your smartphone camera which is enough to make you a photographer.  Leisure photography can help you capture moments, perceptions and emotions. It allows you to express yourself and connects you with a whole world of new people. It could also bring you an opportunity to earn some extra pennies by selling your photos online.

You can learn photography from this website.


Pet training 

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If you are a dog lover then this leisure activity will interest you. People love to train dogs. Some train dogs in their leisure time while others do it as a full-time profession. You will need to know the steps involved in becoming a dog trainer to pursue pet training as your productive leisure activity.

You can learn pet training from 


Sewing and knitting 

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This 'old-lady' hobby will make your leisure time productive and creative while you’re young. Sewing and knitting are no longer considered to be granny’s pass-time. Nowadays youngsters are picking up a pair of needles and yarn to cast projects like making mittens, blankets, socks, and more.


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Origami is a leisure time activity for both the old and young. It can be hard or easy depending on the complexity of what you are making. It can be mind bending or relaxing. Origami can be fun irrespective of your age and your level of expertise. "Ori" means folding and "gami" means paper. Are you ready to make your origami?


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Calligraphy is more than just an art. Calligraphy is preserved in the epics, historic documents and is used for creating symbols and logos. The first thing we recall when we hear the word “calligraphy”,  is something that is written beautifully. We all can excel in “penmanship”. Calligraphy as an art can be developed as a leisure hobby in both adults and children.

Tell us what you like to do to optimise your free time.