Sex Education: This show is much more than its title
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Sex Education: This show is much more than its title

Sex Education: This show is much more than its title

Sex Education: This show is much more than its title

Teenagers in high school and their eccentric set of problems has always been a favourite subject for film and show makers. Every era has had some high school classics, be it shows or movies and they are always fun to watch.

Such shows and films have everything they need to be a good entertainer and not just teenagers, but people of all generations are their fans because well, everyone has been a teenager and can relate to what they see.

Adolescence is a very dynamic period of anyone’s life. The body, mind and heart go bonkers with all the hormones rushing inside. This is also the time people start exploring their love and sex life and that makes for good material for a show or movie.

Though we all have had high school classics, most of them are rom-coms and deal with teenage heartbreaks and first love sort of angles, however, one very important part of a teenager’s life is the exploration of their sexuality. It is a topic that hasn’t been prevalently explored in high school movies and this is where shows like Sex Education step in.

Sex Education, a British comedy high-school drama is a show that stay true to its title. It explores and talks extensively about the sex life of teenagers, their confusions, excitements and whatnot. A show so beautifully crafted that it talks about all those things but is still much more than ‘sex education’.

Here, we are introduced to characters with their own set of flaws and insecurities. The fan favourite Eric, who is gay, is a friend we all need in our lives and though he has a happy-go-lucky and quirky outlook, he is dealing with his sexuality and has his own dark places. Maeve is a badass and is very smart, however, life isn’t in her favour financially and seeing a lot at such a tender age has made her to be tough.

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Otis is confused, insecure and awkward and has never been in a relation in the first season, but his extensive knowledge of sex, courtesy of his sex-therapist mother, is something that sets him apart. There are a lot of other characters and the best part of the show is the balance created between their personal struggles and how that reflects in their behaviour and has made them who they are.

For teenagers, this show is like a warm hug and is something they all needed to see and relate to. Teenagers coming to terms with their sexualities, insecurities, traumas was heartwarming and funny to see. One of the best parts of the show was when all the girls were asked to find something that binds them together, that thing turns out to be different ways they were harassed when they were young, and who can forget that epic bus ride when all the girls come together to help Aimee ride in the bus where she was harassed.

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Sex education is a show that has given us a lot more than just ‘sex education’. In the characters who are smart, awkward, funny, confident, insecure and so on, you’ll find yourself somewhere and watching this two seasons long show, you are bound to learn a lot as well.

Just as the second season ended at a cliffhanger, leaving us all hating Isaac, fans were sincerely anticipating the arrival of the third season and it is finally here! We wish it is a hell of a ride as its previous seasons and gives us more of what we want.