Sandy Sair: An inspiration for the trans community
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Sandy Sair: An inspiration for the trans community

Sandy has broken social barriers to come out openly as a transwoman

Sandy Sair: An inspiration for the trans community

On the occasion of International LGBTQ awareness day, CitySpidey talked to Sandy Sair, a 28-year-old trans model, and social activist. Sandy has broken social barriers to come out openly as a transwoman. We believe that spreading awareness regarding the LGBTQ community is essential as LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, and intersex) individuals are among the most abused, underestimated, or in danger in many places.

In 75 nations, homosexuality is still considered a wrongdoing. At each edge of the world, LGBT individuals confront the dangers of viciousness and separation in their work and private lives. Over 33 per cent of the world's nations condemn consensual, adoring same-sex connections, settling in bias, and putting many individuals in danger.

“I am proud to be one of the members of the LGBTQ community. I am proud,” said Sandy Sair in her opening statement. Asserting her identity as a model, she stated, “Who doesn't love to be in front of the camera. I find happiness and feel confident about it and where I belong.”

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Sandy is a trans model and works in a corporate sector, duty-free Delhi, where she is the only transgender employee. Duty-free being an international brand, is open for all genders and colours. Sandy was born and brought up in Khongjom Bazar, Thoubal, Manipur, and loves cooking Manipuri cuisine. She also mentioned that the life of the transgender community is better in Manipur than in many other Indian states.

About changes post revocation of Article 377, Sandy shared her views with us candidly. “Before 377, even if we're independent, mentally, but something inside was holding us back, 377 lifted us and gave us the wings,” said Sandy Sair. Article 377 has helped the community to come forward to speak their minds and find freedom. She was never scared to open up about her identity and her authentic self.

However, this is not the end of Sandy’s challenges. She said, “Being a model in India is not a reliable occupation; after the pandemic, her modeling career was hampered. Being in a corporate firm brings stability and reliability.”

Sandy Sair believes that discrimination is everywhere whether it is modeling industry or corporate life, one should be prepared and confident enough to face all the hurdles.

Sandy hopes to open a school for the LGBTQ community in the future so that the community can study and learn without being judged or suppressed by any sociopolitical factors.

CitySpidey admires Sandy’s spirit and wishes her good luck in all her endeavours.