Keep these 5 Ingredients away from your skin care routine!
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Keep these 5 Ingredients away from your skin care routine!

True, white salt aids in pore cleaning, but it should not be applied straight to the skin

Keep these 5 Ingredients away from your skin care routine!

We do so much for beautiful and flawless skin, from purchasing new products to following homely nuskhe. It is true that when it comes to beauty, there is no better way to go than natural. DIY masks are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional beauty routines. These face masks are simple to create using materials found in your home. Indeed they are natural and inexpensive and if you're preparing a face mask for yourself at home, you should know what goes in and what doesn't. A bad choice might also be harmful to your skin. Stop using these DIY skincare ingredients if you want to take good care of your skin.

Baking Soda

"Really, Baking Soda? Who would put baking soda on their face?" You inquire. Surprisingly, many people use baking soda as a cure for acne, dark spots, and blemishes. It is certainly not safe. According to experts, baking soda contains numerous chemicals that might irritate your skin and cause chemical burns or skin allergies.

Lemon Juice

You may have seen numerous DIY face pack treatments including lemon as a component. However, is it safe for your skin? Experts disagree! Lemon is very acidic in nature and can cause skin discomfort. Furthermore, when exposed to UV rays, its oil might produce a phototoxic response in your skin. This means it can produce blisters or rashes, which is why you should use a serum containing L-ascorbic acid instead. You'll get the same advantages without the adverse effects.


True, white salt aids in pore cleaning, but it, like lemon, should not be applied straight to the skin. If you want to apply salt on your face, always mix it with water first because salt inhibits oil synthesis, it is not a healthy component for dry skin.

Coconut Oil

Despite the fact that everyone and their mother is super impressed with this product, I'm here to tell you that it has no place on your face. It is very comedogenic, which means it will clog your pores and cause breakouts. You may, however, apply it on your scalp as well as the rest of your skin. Just don't apply it below your hairline or above your neck.

White Sugar

White sugar is an excellent lip exfoliant, but its sharp edges are far too abrasive for your face, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Rubbing raw sugar on your face can create micro-tears on the skin's surface, as well as inflammation, red markings, and discomfort.