Masterpieces of Punjabi folk music
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Masterpieces of Punjabi folk music

Punjabi folk music has a unique song for every ocassion

Masterpieces of Punjabi folk music

Punjabi folk music is one of those interesting sounds which not only brings you joy  but also has a unique song for every occasion.. So here are some of the best masterpieces  sung by melodious voices.

Bajre da sitta:  “Bajre da sitta ve assan, talli te maroreya, ruthra  janda mahiya, ve assan gali vicho moreya.” 

Just like I twist the cob of millets between my palms, I made my upset lover return using my charm.

It is one of the most playful and evergreen songs sung by legends of  Punjabi music industry Surinder kaur and Prakash kaur. You can often  find this song played in Punjabi weddings and girls performing gidda  (folk dance of punjab) on it. Recently this song was remade by  Rashmeet Kaur, Deep Kalsi and once again it was in trend  playing over videos of instagram reels.

Auzaar: “Bande De Hathan Varga, Koi Auzaar Nhi Baneya, Enna Kuch Bangya Lekin, Kudrat Tho Bhar Ni Baneya” 

More than human hands,  there is nothing more unique and nothing more special than nature.

The Auzaar song is sung and written by Satinder Pal Singh popularly known as Satinder Sartaj. He is a well known sufi punjabi singer. This soulful song recognizes the individual's uniqueness and motivates them towards improvement.

Chal jindiye : “ chal jindiye, chl jindiye, chl uth chaliye , tur chaliye ess jhano, uss nagar val door kude, man mandar vich seyyan  hanera,  kariye noor noor kudiye.” 

let's get up , move from  one place to another and bring  divine brightness to those parts of  life which are full of darkness.

Chal jindiye song is from Judaa 3 album sung by one of the most  favourite punjabi singers Amrinder Gill and written by Bir Singh. This  song full of reality motivates one to move forward and never give up.

Ik meri akh kashni: “Ik meri akh kashni, Dooja raat de oh neendre ne  mareya, Sheeshe nu tarred pe gayi Waal waundi ne dhyan jadon mareya.” 
My eyes are hazel, I didn’t sleep for two nights  in a row. The mirror broke. I saw it while combing my hair .

Children from Punjabi households have grown up listening to this  evergreen golden song sung by Surinder Kaur. It is all time favourite  song and therefore many other prominent singers like Neha Bhasin have  remmade them and on every new remake it has gained huge audience  attention. Punjabi weddings are incomplete without this song.

Tu Te Main: “Tu Main Adhoore Hunne Aa Poore Ik Dooje De Sung. Kaliyan  Nu Mehkan Bhul Janda Ae Phullan Da Cho Jaanda Rang Sanu Onh Kaynaat  Nahaare Hoyiye Raja Rani Jivein Des De.”  

You and I are  incomplete, But get complete when we are together. Flowers also forget  to spread their fragrance and they leave their colour. That universe  watches us like we are the king and queen of this world.

This romantic song is written and sung by talented singer Bir Singh.He started his journey in pollywood from this song, he is also a  writer, poet and composer.

Laung lacchi: “Ve tu laung, ve main laachi. tere pichhe aa  gawachi,Tere ishqe ne maari  Kudi kanch di kanwari. 

You’re  like a clove, I’m like cardamon, I'm all after you. Your love has killed this glass like a girl.

In this song two famous ingredients of India are shown together: laung  ( cloves) and laachi ( cardamom) . It is India's most viewed song,  reaching the list of billion views. This charming song is from the  Laung Lachi movie sung by Mannat Noor and Ammy Virk.

Ki banu duniya da:  “Aaj Ranjhe kiraye te le le ke heeran. Ishqe di  chadar kari jaan leeran.hotel bhele ch churi khawa ke. Ae majiyan  charani kidhar ja rahi hai. Ae chadh’di jawani kidhar ja Rahi hai. Ae husano deewani kidhar ja rahi hai.”

This is an epitome of Punjabi classic music sung by the dafli manGurdass Maan and Diljit Dosanjh. This song depicts how people are  changing and adapting to westernisation. It was released on a youtube channel of Coke studio India. 

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Samaksh Rajput
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Nikita Sharma
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