Noida: Sector-71 underpass is finally open for commuters
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Noida: Sector-71 underpass is finally open for commuters

"It is good news for Gautam Buddha Nagar residents"

Noida: Sector-71 underpass is finally open for commuters

After several extended deadlines from December 2020 to October 2021, the sector 71 underpass is now finally open for commuters. This 780-meter underpass has six lanes.

The underpass eases the traffic flow from Wave City Centre metro station to Greater Noida West. It will also be very beneficial for the residents of the sectors 51, 52, 61, 7X sectors, and Greater Noida West. 

The underpass was a long-pending demand for people living in Sectors 51, 52, 61, 62, 70 -79, 121 and 122 who can now access it to reach signal-free destinations from both Parthala roundabout to Wave City Centre as well as from 7x sectors’ to Sectors 61-63. So far, commuters had to take detours via MP2 elevated road.

Rajesh Sahay, General Secretary, NOFAA said, "It is good news for Gautam Buddha Nagar residents. Finally, Sector 71 underpass is now open for smooth traffic movement from Noida Extension to Delhi. A lot of residents would benefit from this. A big thankyou to the Hon'ble government and Noida Authority."

Nisha Rai, General Secretary of Noida Federation of Apartments Owners Associations (NOFAA), Zone 2 said, “Residents of Sector 50 -7x and 100, commuting from this route were eagerly waiting for this underpass to open. Festivals are around and traffic jams are an everyday nuisance, now it will ease the traffic from the Noida sector 51 metro station.” 

Puneet, a resident of Noida Sector 76 said, “Sector 71 underpass is very important, not only for the Noida Extension but also for the residents of Sector 121. It eases the traffic of sectors 51,  52, and 7X. It also helps the people who commute to Delhi. This is  a straight route that would lead to the elevated road which finishes at Sector 18.”

Piyush Kumar, a resident of Greater Noida West who travels to Delhi for his job, said, “The underpass at Sector 71 in Noida is very helpful for the commuters of Greater Noida West, especially those who commute to Noida regularly. People have to take alternate routes to reach Noida. With the underpass, the commuters are able to easily move towards Noida City Centre Metro station and then move wherever they need in Noida.”