Let’s rush back to the Track! Post-Diwali skincare routine
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Let’s rush back to the Track! Post-Diwali skincare routine

Now that Diwali is over, your skin may be crying for comfort. Follow these simple tips.

Let’s rush back to the Track! Post-Diwali skincare routine

Our nutrition and skincare regime are thrown out the window as soon as the Diwali festivities begin since we are too busy having fun with our friends and family. 

Our skin goes through a lot at this time of the year, from eating greasy and fried foods to wearing makeup every day for long hours and neglecting skincare procedures to standing around crackers and smoke. And, while this should not prevent us from living our life to the fullest, we may take additional care of our skin and do everything we can to rejuvenate our skin once again.

Now that Diwali has gone, your skin may be yearning for relief. So, we spoke with a few skin experts, who generously shared the following advice with us. Follow these easy steps to provide it with what it wants!

Get back on the skincare track

Following the Diwali festivities, our skin needs rigorous washing, scrubbing, and toning. Follow these skincare procedures to add a few more steps to your daily routine.

Scrub it off

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"After the festivities, take a good scrub wash." Use products with shea, olive, which have rich oils and will moisturise the skin. It can aid in the exfoliation of dead skin cells and the stimulation of blood circulation. "It gives the skin a youthful appearance," adds Dr Siddique.

Masking to the rescue

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When the skin becomes dry after Diwali, apply a moisturising sheet face mask to provide moisture to the dull skin.

Steam it up!

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After Diwali, use the steam method to clear your skin's pores and avoid acne. The use of steam aids in the deep washing of the skin.

Don't Forget Sunscreen

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"After Diwali celebrations, wrap off your beauty regimen with a dab of sunscreen," adds Dr Siddique. Use strong UV protection to combat free radicals and keep your skin healthy and bright."

Keep the Make-up away

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After Diwali, avoid wearing make-up for a few days to allow your skin to breathe.

Maintain a healthy diet

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Consume a well-balanced, healthy diet and avoid all forms of junk food.


Follow these techniques to minimise the aftereffects of the festive season on your skin.