Five natural skin moisturizers for winters
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Five natural skin moisturizers for winters

Market bought moisturizers sometimes cause skin issues depending on an individual skin’s sensitivity

Five natural skin moisturizers for winters

Can you play tic-tac-toe on your skin nowadays? If yes then you must be facing the common issue of dry skin which winter brings with it every year.

During winters, humidity levels go down and the chilly air of the surroundings takes the moisture away from our skin. Our skin tends to become patchy, rough and dry. Throughout this chilled season, our skin demands a little extra care and we look at a variety of market bought moisturizers.

Market bought moisturizers sometimes cause skin issues depending on an individual skin’s sensitivity level. If you have ever noticed the labels of moisturizers available in the market, their main ingredients are ordinary elements from your kitchen. You must have seen many of the commercials highlighting natural elements like aloe vera, turmeric, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and a lot more. So why not use these natural elements directly?

Here are some of the best natural moisturisers from your kitchen that you can use to keep your skin hydrated.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera

 have you ever noticed aloe vera leaves? Those thick strong leaves store a good amount of gel-like substances which is a good hydrating substance for your skin. It also protects your skin from sunburn. One may even use it for hair.

There are many types of aloe vera. Remember to use bitter aloe, also known as tap aloe. It is beneficial for skincare. Bitter aloe grows red flowers on it almost 1-4 feet above the leaves.

Take clean leaves, wash them and remove the green cover of leaves. Apply the gel on your face for 2-3 minutes and rinse.



 using honey will not only benefit you with nourished skin but will also help in exfoliating dull skin out to reveal a natural glow on your skin. To keep your skin healthy and shiny, apply honey directly on your face and massage gently. After 2-3 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Almond oil

Almond Oil

almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E and A. You can apply it before the shower to get soft and shiny skin. Research reveals that almond oil helps in reducing dark circles and is also useful in the treatment of acne.

Shea butter


 shea butter is another helpful ingredient from your kitchen to moisturize your skin due to the fatty acids present in it. Applying shea butter also protects your skin from pollutants present in the environment. You can apply shea butter directly to your skin before heading to sleep.

Olive oil


antioxidants present in olive oil are great for your skin as they repair the damage and help make it smooth. All you need to do is apply a little amount of oil to your palm and massage it over your body before going to bed.