PUBG New State with 'Next-Generation' features
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PUBG New State with 'Next-Generation' features

PUBG: New State has been released in India and is available for download.

PUBG New State with 'Next-Generation' features

There is great news for all the Pubg lovers out there. PUBG New State is now available in over 200 countries, including India, for Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices.

The new battle royale game was announced as the latest title in the PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) franchise in February. It provides a next-generation battle royale experience in which 100 players can fight using various weapons and strategies.

Developed by PUBG Studios, New State is an open-world battleground in which players fight in a universe set in 2051. It also introduces new vehicles and consumables designed to provide a unique experience.

The game was supposed to go live at 9:30 a.m on Thursday and download automatically for pre-registered players. However, due to server issues, the majority of gamers were unable to play it. Earlier this morning, the game displayed an error message that said, 'unable to connect to the server.' The launch was eventually postponed by a few hours. Nevertheless, the game is now available for download and play.

PUBG New State is a 2051-set futuristic battle royale game. Unlike the original PUBG game, New State is only available on mobile devices and cannot be played on PC or consoles. Despite Krafton's release of Battlegrounds Mobile India (basically PUBG with a new name), many people were looking forward to PUBG New State.

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PubG New State is confirmed to have a new map. Troi will have a new map. It will combine classic Erangel green with more detailed urban settings such as more life-like buildings and shopping malls. There will also be new weapons and vehicles in the game.

There are also launch-day bonuses such as a New State Profile icon and frame and ten Chicken Medals. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to win prizes such as New State t-shirts, pants, and parachutes by winning the global launch event, which you can find on the PUBG: New State website.

You can get PUBG: New State on multiple devices running on at least Android 6.0, iOS 13, or iPadOS 13. The game is available for download on both Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Those who haven't played the game yet should watch the pro-gameplay videos on YouTube to get inspired and play it. Last but not least, the game is enjoyable and easy to play. You can play the game wherever you have your phone and an internet connection.