Netflix launches new website with Top 10 most viewed Movies, Shows
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Netflix launches new website with Top 10 most viewed Movies, Shows

Netflix will rank the top films and TV series in categories

Netflix launches new website with Top 10 most viewed Movies, Shows

Netflix has recently announced the launch of a new website featuring the streaming service's most popular titles. The "Top 10" titles will be featured on a newly created website that will track the performance of various shows on the service's platform. Viewers will be able to use the Netflix Top 10 website to track English and non-English movies and TV shows and how well those films are performing in different countries, signalling a shift in how the streaming service shares data with its subscribers.

The service announced the new Netflix Top 10 website via Twitter, stating that it had received a great deal of feedback about its metrics over the years. According to Netflix, seasons of a series will be counted as separate titles and repeated viewings will be counted towards the season's overall watch hours. For example, if you watch a scene in a single episode several times, it will add up to the total number of watch hours for that season. Netflix will rank the best films and television shows.

The new website will feature weekly lists at the global and country levels and lists of the platform's most popular titles. According to the company, the service will organise the most popular tags on the Top 10 website by view hours every Tuesday.

The company stated that traditional metrics such as box office or audience share as used in television did not apply to streaming services. "After reviewing the various options, we believe engagement, as measured by hours viewed, is a strong indicator of a title's popularity, as well as overall member satisfaction, which is important for retention in subscription services," said Pablo Perez De Rosso, Netflix's Vice President of Content Strategy, Planning, and Analysis.

The Top 10 site is accessible in both English and Spanish, and Netflix says that the organisation will add more dialects one year from now. Watchers can likewise check out rankings from more than 90 nations.

The new website will come in handy for viewers who cannot decide what to watch until long on the platform. It also provides viewers with a chance to watch shows and movies across various languages and genres.

Netflix likewise gave extra insights regarding the system behind the organisation’s measurements, clarifying that the rundowns would be measured by hours seen per title from Monday to Sunday. Seasons will be estimated independently and could appear as separate passages in a rundown. Netflix says that all titles will be qualified for the rundown, in addition to those delivered by Netflix. A final report will be provided by 2022.