Kashmiri Wazwan and its 5 essential dishes
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Kashmiri Wazwan and its 5 essential dishes

Experience the magic of the Kashmiri Wazwan and let us know what all dishes you tried and liked

Kashmiri Wazwan and its 5 essential dishes

We all have that one Kashmiri friend who proudly proclaims that Kashmiri Wazwan is the star attraction of Kashmiri cuisine. This ultimate Kashmiri banquet, having thirty-six unique dishes, is so vital to the Kashmiri festivities that even dates are changed and postponed according to the availability of the special cook called Waza. Wazwan is considered an extremely generous gesture of hospitality.

The concept of eating with a fork and knife is foreign to this Kashmiri feast, as people mostly prefer to eat with their bare hands. Wazwan is kind to non-vegetarian food lovers, as vegetarian dishes are minimal and can easily be counted on our fingertips. The Kashmiris have a unique fondness for mutton, chicken, their chutneys, and even the famous Kashmiri tea called Kahwa.

Though we would love to list all 36. But for starters, here are 5 essential dishes that come in the Wazwan:-

Rishta Curry

Credit: Fast curries

This famous red curry from Kashmir is vital to the Wazwan. It basically comprises some Kashmiri meatballs, made from the meat from a lamb’s leg. These mutton balls are then flavoured and spiced in shallot gravy.
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Rogan Josh

Credit: Rasoimenu

Out of all the dishes, this is the one most people know of. Rogan means ‘oil’ and Josh means ‘intense heat’. What lends this tender lamb recipe a unique flavour is that there are no tomatoes in this dish. The unique flavour comes from the mawal or cockscomb flowers that are indigenous to Kashmir.

Waza Palak

Credit: Mygoodtimes

Only the second vegetarian dish on this list, Waza Palak is simply spinach leaves cooked until soft and spiced in the typical Kashmiri way. And of course, there’s always an option to add spiced mutton balls to the dish!

Muji Chetin

Credit: Gosumitup 

Apart from the other chutneys such as walnut and apricot chutney, this is the one that is slightly different. This chutney is made by combining radish and yoghurt and is uniquely spicy yet an integral part of the Wazwan cuisine.


Credit: Archana's kitchen

The finale in the Wazwan is served exclusively after everything else is done. These lamb meat dumplings are sweet and creamy in texture with a sumptuous curd-gravy. The speciality in this dish is that the meat is minced with fat in order to make it even more delicious!

Experience the magic of the Kashmiri Wazwan and let us know what all dishes you tried and liked!