Brahma Apartments: No smoke without garbage
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Brahma Apartments: No smoke without garbage

Sector 7, Dwarka: Burning of garbage becomes a common sight near the society as residents complain of pollution and respiratory problems.

Brahma Apartments: No smoke without garbage Smoke emanates from garbage dumped near Brahma Apartments, Sector 7, Dwarka.

For residents of Brahma Apartments, a residential society in Sector 7, Dwarka, burning of garbage in the vacant piece of land adjacent to the society has become a regular feature and a nuisance. Consequently, they have been grappling with the problems of air pollution and respiratory disorders.

Residents say that the land is being used for dumping garbage, and often for burning it. AK Dua, president of the society, says, “Sometimes smoke can be seen emanating from the garbage throughout the day. We have difficulty breathing as the smoke comes towards our society. Those living in flats near the boundary are worst affected. Moreover, mechanics, who have encroached the footpath in the area and burn tyres and cloths, have added to the problem.”

The society’s managing committee has been writing to the agencies concerned, including the corporation, pollution control board, environment department, DDA and even to the chief minister of Delhi, but to no effect. Munish Kundra, a member of the managing committee, says, “The society has many elderly people who are asthmatic. There are also many small children. Pollution due to burning of garbage is especially bad for their health. If we are not able to arrest this issue in the heart of the city and the country, I wonder what the state of affairs will be in remote areas.”

According to Munish, in reply to his emails, he was assured of response within a week. “When I called the corporation, their officials told me that those who burn garbage are somehow able to do so after office hours of MCD officials. I have requested them to put some guards to prevent the garbage from being dumped there and being burnt, but all in vain.”

According to the law, civic agencies have a provision for fining those who burn garbage anywhere in the city. But residents say that they have never issued a challan for the same.

Mukesh Yadav, director press information, SDMC, says, “The issue will be taken seriously and burning (of garbage) would be checked. There is a provision of challan of Rs 5,000 against burning of garbage. We will prosecute those who violate the norms.”


Garbage dumped adjacent to the society.