New Year Eve: Enjoy at home with family and friends
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New Year Eve: Enjoy at home with family and friends

We have curated a few ideas on how you can spend your New Year's Eve at home

New Year Eve: Enjoy at home with family and friends

New Year 2022 approches, it is that time of the year when we bid adieu to the past and welcome the future with outstretched arms, hopes, with a renewed zeal to work towards our goals and new dreams.

This New Year's Eve is special, especially after going through 2021 when we had to stay away, in isolation and fear. However, with a new variant in the air, it is once again necessary to follow Covid norms. Still, there is no need to dampen your hopes, a New Year's Eve at home can be equally fun. We have curated a few ideas on how you can spend your New Year's Eve at home, with your loved ones by your side-

Cook recipe with your family for New year’s Eve

This New Year's Eve, do something different. Why not try a new recipe of any cuisine you all are fond of. Food can bring all of us together and ensure a hearty family time. Amp up the music, put on that apron and steam this wonderful recipe together for a unique New Year's Eve. Or set up a barbeque, work as a team to roast some sizzling snacks and kebabs.

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Boardgame marathon

Let's end the year with fun and competitions. Gather everyone at home to start a board game marathon around 6 p.m until midnight. Depending on how many people are in your household, you might need to add or take away some board games. You can include games like Monopoly, Jenga, Housey, Uno, Battleship, Guess Who, Connect Four and Scrabble.
You can make it more interesting by adding rewards for the top player of each game.

Do a Karaoke Night

If you love to sing but are always afraid to sing your heart out in public, make your very own karaoke night at home this New year’s eve. Simply put on some available sing-along karaoke numbers on YouTube and channel your inner Arjit Singh.

The Old Netflix and Chill

For some, curfew or not, chilling at home with some hot chocolate and good cinema is the ultimate New Year's Eve. Putting on an old movie or best, your favourite one with some good tasty pizza never is always a hit option. Stay in your fluffy pyjamas this New year’s Eve 2021 and just have fun.

Spend Time with Yourself

Most people feel pressured to do something on New Year’s Eve because it has become the popular thing to do. But if you need time for yourself to meditate or simply rest this year, do that with Zero apprehensions.

Create your own Photo Booth

Photo Booths have been pretty trendy this past year. So, why don’t you order some decorations from Amazon this New years eve, and set up a photo booth to click some amazing photographs that you will remember for a lifetime?

Make Mocktails

Mocktails are healthy, tasty and making them is a lot of fun. Have a contest between your family members, and whoever makes the best mocktail can have a gift. Watch your family members get creative, experiment with their favourite flavours and make you a drink. And who knows, you may find your most favourite flavour this New Year's Eve?

When it comes to celebrations, everyone gets to choose their way. Cityspidey wishes all its readers a safe, fun-filled and happy New Year's Eve.