Heart-warming nostalgia for Potterheads!
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Heart-warming nostalgia for Potterheads!

The 'Harry Potter' cast and filmmakers come together to relive the memories

Heart-warming nostalgia for Potterheads!

Return to Hogwarts: Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary is a reunion special that attempts to commemorate the film franchise that has captivated millions of people worldwide. What stays with people is the power of storytelling and the shared experience of living in such intricate fictitious magical worlds.
Return to Hogwarts reunites the actors, filmmakers, and other crew members for one last time, reminding us that the magic of Harry Potter lives on, even though almost two decades have gone since the first film was released.

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If you still haven't watched the epic reunion, as everyone says, it's never too late for anything to start. It will take you on a heart-warming and dreamy trip into the world of wizardry once again in 2022. The world of Hogwarts was a happy escape for a whole generation that was spellbound by the magic of Harry Potter and his brave magical journey. With the third COVID 19 wave knocking feverishly at our doors, there is no better time for us to revisit this world of Harry Potter.

The sense of déjà vu begins with the first shot. It's the merry old capital of the United Kingdom. The Tower Bridge is visible. For Christmas and New Year's celebrations, the streets are decked out. There is an antique automobile. After that, we see the actors receiving their Hogwarts letters, reunion invitations. It all comes to a close with a Hogwarts shot. Emma Watson walks into the Great Hall and greets Tom Felton with an embrace. Within the first few minutes, you have a good idea of what you're getting yourself into. You're either hooked or not from then on.

Being a Potterhead myself, I adore the friendship between the three musketeers, Harry Potter, Hermoine and Ron, and I have always wished to be a Hogwarts student and learn to fly on the broom. Harry Potter has made my childhood richer and magical.

Rowling herself has been embroiled in controversy stemming from her alleged transphobic comments on Twitter and her blog and appears to have disappointed the fandom. Potterheads blame her for missing the point of her own stories, which are about love, acceptance, and humility.

If you are crazy about Harry Potter, you owe yourself this magical experience one last time, return to Hogwarts. It rekindles that pleasant, reassuring feeling that only those who first saw the Harry Potter films as children can understand.


When Harry, Ron, and Hermione entered the Gryffindor common room, fans couldn't hold their cool. After all, this was the best friend group you adored and wished to be a part of. Some admirers were moved to tears just seeing these three as adults. Even a touching scene between Watson and Grint (as Hermione and Ron) had Potter fans in tears.

Here are views of Potterheads after watching the magic of "Return of Hogwarts".

Deeksha Verma, Final year student, DU, says, "I watched it the day it was released in India on prime. I cried/ laughed with overwhelming happiness and sadness while witnessing this emotional roller coaster of Return of Hogwarts. The reunion was just pure nostalgia.

Jatin Kashyap, the Graphic Designer, told us, "For me, harry potter and his movies are my escape from this world. I don't even remember how many times I have watched it. Hogwarts is our home, and I thank this reunion for the incredible gift they had given to the world".

Yashika Rawat, HR Executive, India Bulls, says, "It was so good. I almost cried twice watching the entire reunion. The first time, during the part where they remembered all actors who had already passed away.

"The second time was the ending, where they were all reminiscent of their experiences on the set of the films from their childhood, Teenage years, and young adulthood towards the end of the film series, It was a magical journey for me for the last time," she further added.

Shreya Rana, a second-year student, says, "I was literally crying like a baby while watching this! This really made my whole life! I miss this legendary series; I am glad that reunion happened".