Don't let the lips 'Chap!'
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Don't let the lips 'Chap!'

This winter, go above and beyond to treat your lips with these simple solutions

Don't let the lips 'Chap!'

Cold and aridity are two words that come to mind when thinking about the winter season. Nobody likes chapped, cracking lips! So, this winter, go above and beyond to pamper your lips with these easy remedies. Lips, like the rest of our bodies, are an important feature that we frequently neglect. They get dry, chappy, and the skin peels off due to the cold temperature and freezing air. As a result, considerable caution should be exercised when it comes to one's lips!
Keep yourself hydrated

It's critical to stay hydrated when it's freezing outside. Dehydration, which is common in the winter, manifests itself in different ways, such as dry skin and lips. The 'antidote of life' helps to keep moisture from evaporating. We don't drink nearly enough water at this time of year, unfortunately. Aim to drink enough water on a daily basis to keep your body hydrated. Coconut water and minerals are also beneficial in this regard.
Don't play with your lips

Everyone appears to have a strong urge to chew, lick, or scratch the dry skin from our bodies. We strive to keep our lips moisturised with saliva, but this causes more harm than good. When saliva evaporates, the temporary moisture is accounted for by making our lips even drier than they were before. Furthermore, the enzymes found in drool are not meant for sensitive skin and have a harmful impact. Picking at dry skin prevents our lips from healing as well. This should not be done to your lips.
Lip-balm to the rescue!

Throughout the day and before night, apply lip balm, lip gloss, or petroleum jelly on your lips. Keeping our lips moisturised is a regular chore in the cold. As a result, apply a lip balm, lotion, or oil to your lips many times a day. It prevents the lips from withering and aids in the regeneration of dry lips. Apply the appropriate emollient on your lips.
Try natural cures

Dry lips can be treated with a variety of natural therapies. The treatments work by utilising components that are often found in our homes to help mend and protect the lips. Honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil are all natural lip moisturisers. These are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and other substances that help to rehydrate and heal our lips. Nonetheless, these treatments soften and enhance your lips in a natural way.

Use this lip treatment to get rid of dry lips and generate glossy pink lips, which requires the following ingredients: a toothbrush, honey, sugar, and a cotton swab
What you should do is:
Step 1: To make a DIY lip scrub, put one teaspoon of honey and fine-granulated sugar in a dish. In a mixing dish, combine all of the ingredients to produce a smooth paste.
Step 2: Gently dab the mixture with a cotton swab until it is thoroughly coated.
Step 3: Rinse your lips and wipe them dry. Use a swab to apply the lip scrub to your lips and gently massage it in.
Step 4: Gently wash the lips for a few minutes with a clean toothbrush. The flaky skin will be removed, and the honey will moisturise the skin.
Step 5: Apply a moisturizing lip balm after washing your lips.

Lips, being one of the most delicate parts of the body, require specific attention to stay healthy. Aside from the aforementioned measures, one should avoid direct UV exposure, chemical-based tints, and scraping the dry skin of one's lips. These methods don't take long to implement and will yield significant effects in a couple of days. As a result, you may quit ignoring your lips. Maintain their plumpness!