Happy feet- Home remedies for foot care in Winters
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Happy feet- Home remedies for foot care in Winters

Ignoring your feet for a long time can ultimately imbalance your overall health

Happy feet- Home remedies for foot care in Winters

While you are busy upgrading your winter wardrobe, you may forget one essential task- taking care of your feet. Issues like cracked heels, athlete’s foot, frostbite, and even foot injuries are more common during Winters.

With the warmth of socks and gumboots, it is easy to forget winter foot care but in many cases, even the heavy gumboots can hardly provide any protection.

Ignoring your feet for a long time can ultimately imbalances your overall health. But do not worry, here we bring some of the best ways to pamper your feet and fortify them against winter threats.

Keep your feet clean:

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when you take bath ensure to wash your feet properly with water and soap. Since fungal infections grow in dark and hidden areas, make sure you are cleaning your foot fingers and the gap between them properly.

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Cleansing is not only limited to soap and water. Drying your feet before putting a clean pair of socks is very important to avoid infections.

Scrub it

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 the skin becomes dry and rough during winters, so to keep your feet soft and smooth, scrub them twice or thrice a week gently. Scrubbing makes sure to remove your hard, dead skin and leaves you with stunning soft feet. You can choose pumice stone to scrub off the hard surface of your heel. If you wish to know about homemade scrubs skip to the end.

Moisturise them well:

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Dry weather and indoor heat can all contribute to the crack heels. If it becomes severe it can also cause pain and bleeding. Therefore, use a gentle amount of moisturiser every day to keep your feet soft.

Use proper socks and footwear:

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if you take off your socks and notice wrinkled feet that means a lot of moisture accumulates in that area, this can also invite fungal infections. Therefore try to opt for comfortable socks which can keep you both dry and warm.

Do not repeat the pair of dirty socks and remove them if they get wet. Wet socks can lead to shivering and fever due to low temperature for a longer period. When it comes to shoes do not compromise with your feet heath opt for comfortable yet warm shoes. If you are involved in an exercise, wear appropriate shoes to prevent the risk of injury.

Homemade foot care remedies:

Coconut oil and salt: this organic combination of coconut and salt is one of the best. Coconut oil moisturise your skin well and salt is the natural exfoliator that removes all the dry skin out. Mix the below-written ingredient well and massage them on your feet for 20 minutes before bathing.

1 cup salt
1/4 cup coconut oil
3-4 drops of essential oil (optional)

Coffee scrub: coffee is another best thing to use to remove all the dead skin cells from the feet. Scrubbing it will also help you achieve a good blood flow. You need the following written ingredients to prepare this scrub. Mix these ingredients properly and apply it twice a week to get softer heels.
 2 tbsp coffee grounds
 2 tbsp sugar
 1 tbsp coconut oil

Candle wax and mustard oil: it is one of the ancient Indian techniques to keep your feet well moisturised during Winters. You just need to melt some candle wax and mix it with mustard oil. Apply this mixture every night before bed to get good results.

Try out all these tips and remedies and let us know about your favourite homemade remedy for foot care in the comments.