Valentine Day 2022: Romantic movies to watch!
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Valentine Day 2022: Romantic movies to watch!

Make your Valentine's more romantic with these Bollywood movies

Valentine Day 2022: Romantic movies to watch!

These are the days when Valentine’s Day and the feelings attached with it, are always on your mind. It is the season of love when many are more than eager to convey their romantic feelings. Bollywood has always been a champion in furthering the cause of this romantic love. At the same time, there are some people for whom the love story does begin but never ends in a predictable happy manner. Over the years many Bollywood romances have dwelled on this unrequited love too.
On this special occasion of Valentine’s Day Week, we introduce you to a few memorable evergreen Bollywood movies that celebrate both the above-mentioned aspects of love.


An incredible thought-provoking masterpiece narrating the journey of an individual and his self-discovery under the umbrella of the girl he loves. With the fantastic acting of the leads, Ranbir and Deepika, Imtiaz Ali’s pragmatic direction, and some soul-touching music, this film takes you to experience an unforgettable roller coaster journey of love and madness. It’s available on Netflix.

Yeh Jawaani hai Dewaani

Re Kabiraaa man jaaa’ – the lyrics still buzz in my ears as Naina and Bunny think going in different paths is the only way to achieve their dreams. Not a very new storyline, but Ayan Mukherjee has even used the cliches so likably.

The adorable love story of a nerd Naina and a charming Bunny, the best friendships shared between Bunny, Aditi and Abhi set goals for the Indian audience.  It’s the best movie to watch with your old squad or your lover-turned-wife and remember all the golden days, the old times spent in the company of each other. You can watch it on Netflix, Prime, YouTube.


With art, there is always room for improvement. But Barfi! was as close to perfection as it comes. An original story, great performances, a delightful soundtrack, and of course, the charming cinematography--that captured the essence of Kolkota--make this is a film that has you crying and laughing in equal measures. You can watch it on Netflix.


Lootera, inspired by O. Henry's classic story The Last Leaf, is a poignant tale of love, loss, and the intangible will to live. The film was a reminder of those love stories that don't end in a happily ever after, and yet their romance is everlasting. Of course, it would be a travesty to not mention the exceptionally brilliant soundtrack gifted by composer Amit Trivedi and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya. You can watch it on Youtube movies.

Jab We Met

This Shahid and Kareena pairing film was one of a kind and a cult favourite amongst Imtiaz Ali fans. A story of how a young businessman who is depressed finds his life-changing after meeting with a carefree young woman. Jab We Met is a must-stop for those seeking some adventure in the love game. You can watch it on ZEE5.

Namastey London

An Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif film that has aged so well that fans’ swear by it to be one of their favourites. A romcom drama set in Punjab and London traces the journey of a thoroughly brought up British woman and her subsequent arranged marriage to a man in India and what follows afterwards. Namastey London is for those who relish in the old-school love chase of Bollywood. You can watch it on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The Lunchbox

Much like Lootera, even The Lunchbox does not have a conventional ending. But perhaps that's just one of the many reasons that has us returning to the film, time after time, eager to experience an unusual shade of romance, and an unexpected outlook to life. And of course, for the love of good food and great performances. Watch it with your lover on Netflix.


A cross border romance is a classic Yash Chopra romantic fare. And one big takeaway from the film was Rani Mukerji’s show-stealing turn as a rookie lawyer, who is hellbent on proving the innocence of a jailed ex-squadron leader from India in a Lahore jail to the world. How her character fights his cause and re-unites him and his Pakistani lover after 22 years forms the crux of the film. Watch it on Amazon Prime.


This is Aditya and Suhani’s love story played beautifully by Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukherjee. This story will make you laugh, cry, blush and finally make you realise that love is above everything else. Beautiful story, lead pair and A R Rahman’s music makes it one of the best romantic films in recent times. Watch this beautiful movie on Amazon prime.

Grab your popcorn, blanket with your lover and enjoy these Bollywood movies.