This Obesity Day, fight obesity with these tips
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This Obesity Day, fight obesity with these tips

Many young people are at risk of developing obesity because of poor eating habits

This Obesity Day, fight obesity with these tips

The very prevalent and ever-growing culture of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle have contributed a great deal to the increasing cases of Obesity. A person with obesity has an excessive accumulation of fat on their body that poses various health risks. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), globally, obesity has tripled since 1975.

In 2020, 39 million children worldwide under the age of 5 were overweight or obese. While some underdeveloped countries are still struggling with malnutrition, the developed and developing countries are battling with issues like overeating, obesity, and excessive body weight.

Experts explain that many young people are at risk of developing obesity because of poor eating habits and an imbalanced lifestyle with a lack of physical activity.

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The condition can further result in health concerns such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eye problem, nerve damage, kidney disease and a lot more. However, the good part is it is preventable. Read ahead to know some tips for preventing and helping with obesity-

Consistency is the key: We need to stay regular and honest to our routine and health. Consistency helps an individual to control body weight. One has to eat right, sleep properly, and work correctly to manage body weight.

Exercising: Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle is very common but physical activity is one of the essential parts we must not forget and should not take as a task. It should be something you want to enjoy and look forward to. There are multiple ways to ensure physical activities can be fun such as dancing, jumping, and swimming.

Good sleep: Sound sleep impacts neuroendocrine cells, glucose metabolism, and other functions positively, which is responsible for the healthy functioning of the body. When one does not take proper sleep, it can cause harm to appetite-related hormones, which can lead to excess eating resulting in obesity.

Beat the stress: Stress can affect your body and mind in many dangerous ways. It can also lead to metabolic imbalance and make way for obesity. Stress management thus becomes very important.

Consume the right food: Try to consume a balanced diet and fulfil your daily nutritional needs. Avoid food items that have a high proportion of salt and sugar. Also, avoid binge eating and junk food. If you find no control over your negative habits, consult a health expert and follow their advice.