Happiness returns with grand Holi celebration in GreNo West
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Happiness returns with grand Holi celebration in GreNo West

Holi 2022 became a special time for residents as it was celebrated in a grand way after two years.

Happiness returns with grand Holi celebration in GreNo West

Societies in GreNo West celebrated Holi, the festival of colours with full zeal. Holi 2022 became a special occasion for residents as it was celebrated with such grandeur after two years.

Residents of the societies were seen excited and everyone was eager to meet and hug everyone. From pool parties to rain dances, everyone had a memorable celebration in Noida and Greater Noida West.

Many residents invited other society’s friends too to their place, they relished sweets and savouries together like Gujiyas, Jalebi and Thandai.

In Gaur City, Divyansh Flora society lavishly celebrated Holi. Bhaskar Mishra, a resident of the society says, “We had an arrangement for 650 residents and not a single person missed this event. Every flat marked their presence. We anticipated 30 people in Holika Dehen but were surprised to see 300 people at the gatherings. Vikas Sinha, Gunjan Tiwari, Nancy, Manoj Negi among others worked day and night to make the event a success."

Paramount Emotions, Noida Extension celebrated Holi with the elders and made proper arrangements for them.

Holi celebartions in Paramount Emotions, Noida Extension
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Nishi Singh, a resident of the society says, “There was DJ, colours, and tasty delicacies. We always seek blessings from our elders for a healthy and happy life. So our main concern was to make arrangements for them so that they can enjoy the festival too."

In Nirala Estate, Noida Extension, everyone seemed to enjoy the festivities with a desi style rain dance. A big hose pipe was aired above and people grooved to DJ with their loved ones. Azeem Khan, a resident of the society says, “We, at Nirala estate honour every festival with the same excitement. What we do, our children learn. If we will tell them it is not our festival they will keep this in our hearts permanently. Our happiness seems to have returned after two years. All residents are happy to be celebrating again."

SKA Greenarch, GreNowest residents had a blast on the eve of Holi. They enjoyed rain dance with a special set up of mild steel rain prom set up for the maximum assemblage.

Holi celebrations in SKA Greenarch

Pankaj Dwivedi , a resident says, “ All residents today enjoyed and had the fun they missed for these two years. On the 13th, we initiated this festival of colours by playing Brij holi with Shri Krishna And Radha Rani with marigold flowers petal on Holika Dehen all families gathered and did the rituals. Today we enjoyed one of the best rain dances of our life."

6th Avenue, Gaur City, enjoyed the festival in full spirit. People danced to the beats of dhols and enjoyed mouth watering delicacies. Amarjeet Rathore says, “We all danced and glasses full of Thandai on repeat mode gave us the much-needed fuel to rejuvenate ourselves."

Ajnara Homes, GreNo West enjoyed Holi with an in house pool party. They filled their swimming pool with water and colourants. 

Holi celebrations in Ajnara Homes 
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Asha Jaiswal, a resident from the society says, “After the Holika Dehen, we all were anticipating a full of fun day and on Holi, we were all soaked in the colours of love with lots of tasty food."

Supertech Oxford Square, GreNo West, residents enjoyed Jalebis, Thandai, Aloo Puri along with rain dance. The non-stop dance from morning till afternoon kept them busy.

Holi celebrations in Oxford Square 
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Neha Gupta says, “ We all are feeling happier today. It is because of Holi or because of the happiness of meeting people after such a long time, the magic can be felt.”

Panchsheel Hynish, GreNo West set to celebrate Holi bash traditionally.

Holi celebrations in Panchsheel Hynish 
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Rohan Bhagat says, “We had super fun at the basketball court in our society with our families. Such events keep the feeling of belongingness alive in each other, we wish everyone a very happy holi.”

In Geotech Pristine avenue in Noida Extension, a team of young kids planned the entire Holi celebration. Nishant, Nishtha, Aastha, Devyanshi, Yanshi, Kavya, Kanush and Pratyaksh took charge to make holi memorable for everyone.

Holi celebrations in Geotech Pristine 
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Saya Zion, Gaur  City residents enjoyed good food with dance, colours and much more. Residents did the pooja with their families and sought their blessings. Nandini, a resident of the society says, “This time our society organised rang barse event and we all danced madly with our families after such a long gap, feeling relieved.”

Supertech Ecovillage 2, Noida Extension had a wonderful holi with two days of continuous festivities. Jyoti Jaiswal says, “We still maintained Covid protocols, but enjoyed to the fullest."

Anita Gupta says, “The extravaganzas made us feel optimistic. We hope that Covid never comes back."