Noida Ext: Navratri 2022 will be a flavorful affair at Noida Extension
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Noida Ext: Navratri 2022 will be a flavorful affair at Noida Extension

The shopkeepers at Noida Extensions have prepared a range of Navratri specials

Noida Ext: Navratri 2022 will be a flavorful affair at Noida Extension

Noida: Navratri is here with its rituals and festivities. It is a festive time in Noida Extension. The markets are full of people in the evenings. From pineapple kalakand to special aloo Tikki, the shopkeepers at Noida Extensions have prepared a range of Navratri special sweets and snacks.

Bikaner sweets, Ajnara Le Garden, Noida extension

This shop is situated on the lower ground floor in the commercial complex of the Ajnara Le Garden society in Noida Extension. Gaurav Rajawat, the owner of the shop showed us all the sweets and drinks they have prepared specially for this holy season Navratri. Gaurav says, “ We have prepared high-quality Kalakand, Milk cake, Rasmalai, Spongy Rasgulla, Rabdi, Pede, Potato Chips. To soothe oneself from the heat, one can try our special lassi."

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Agarwal sweets

This shop is situated in the Fusion homes market, shop number 001. This is the only shop where we find the Falhari Namkeens in Noida Extension. Sanjay Singh, owner of this shop says, “We have kept a limited stock of Sabudane ki Falhari Namkeen which is a must-have in Navratri fast. Potato namkeen with pink salt and black pepper and potatao wafers among others. And in sweets, we have Chaulai ke laddoo, and finest preparation of Khoya and milk sweets like Rasgulla, Milk burfi, Rasmalai, and khoya burfi."

A-One fruits store

Adjacent to the Bikaner's Sweets, in Cherry County commercial market, this store is selling the best quality of imported and local fruits as well as exotic fruits and dry fruits. Mohd. Shahid says, “ This is the holy time, both Ramzan and Navratri are going on, and we are delighted with the footfall at our store. We are keeping a good stock of juices, Date Palms, Cherry Petha, Fruits, and vegetables as both the communities can use them. Among pure healthy dry snacks, we have Ghee roasted makhane, Sabudana Papad, Shelled Pistachios, walnuts, Imported juices, sharbats, Chaulai Laddoos just to name a few”.

Rajbhog Sweets

This shop is situated in the Pradhan Ji complex in Roja, Noida Extension. Right when you enter, the fragrance of freshly prepared sweets takes over your senses. Lalit Nagar, the owner of the shop says, “Everything that we sell is 100 pure, as you can see we have not flooded our shops with multicoloured sweets or anything, as we believe that if someone trusts us, we serve them authentic mithai."

Lalit Nagar continues, “For Navratri, we have paid additional importance to purity and variety. They have prepared kalakand, pista burfi, ras malai, and coconut burfi apart from regular delicacies such as Milk cake, Rasgulla, Malai Barfi, and Almond Mawa Barfi."

Bajrang Sweets

This shop is situated in Saviour GreenArch No 2, opposite Cherry County street. They have prepared Plain Burfi, Almond Burfi, Kalakand, Desi Burfi, Coconut Burfi, Kesar Peda, Mathura Peda, Paneer Jalebi, Lauki Burfi, Pista Burfi, Bikaneri Burfi, Kheer Kadam, Kaju Khoya, Almond Khoya, Badam Pakija, Parmal ki Mithai, etc.

Ashish Kumar, owner of the shop informs, “We have specially prepared sweets, keeping this festive season in the mind. One must try our special Mohan bhog, Pineapple kalakand which is a unique recipe. Also, relish some of the Lassi to beat the heat and the Kesar badam milk. And for those who do not like sweets, we have kept ghee roasted Makhane too.

Bikaner sweets-

This shop is located in shops number 2-3, Cherry county, Noida extension. This sweets shop is selling special Aloo Tikki for Navratri fast, in which no regular spice is used so one can enjoy in fasts. Only black pepper and pink salt are used along with green chillies.  Apart from Aloo Tikki, one can also relish the Dahi Bhalla, Aloo Chat for fast.

Ajay Sethi, owner of Bikaner sweet informs, “All are preparations are untouched by hand and thus completely hygienic. We are selling pure sweets such as Burfi, Kalakand, Milk Cake, Plain Burfi, Nariyal Burfi. All Bengali items are also available. In salty preparation, there are good quality wafers, lite snacks brand potato powder chips.”