Best places in Ghaziabad to have Italian food
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Best places in Ghaziabad to have Italian food

WoodBox Cafe in Indirapuram is known for its unique varieties of pasta

Best places in Ghaziabad to have Italian food

Ghaziabad: Whether it is spaghetti in white sauce or a slice of cheesy pizza with cherry tomatoes, Italian cuisine has long colonised the heart of Delhiites. We still love our north Indian food that is loaded with butter and spices but somedays we crave something rich and flavorful such as Italian food.

Owing to this love, local eateries throughout Delhi NCR have mastered the Italian cuisine including in Ghaziabad. Now, if you are looking for some authentic Italian food when out with friends, here are the places you must try-

Haristo Cafe and Pizzeria

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Haristo Cafe and Pizzeria in Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad is considered one of the best restaurants for Italian food. It serves the best cheese-loaded food in both veg and non-veg options. Along with Italian food, they also serve the best mocktails and shakes too. When at Haristo, you have to try Lasagne, queen of hill chicken pizza, peri-peri chicken pizza, alfredo pasta, arrabbiata pasta, and death by meat.
Timings- 11:00 am- 10:30 pm.

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Quirky Perky

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This restaurant in Raj Nagar serves the best Italian and Mexican food plus dessert and beverages. They have a vast variety of pizzas, and snacks that come up with loaded cheesy dips. Among specialities here, you can try Pesto pasta, Aglio olio spaghetti, Margherita, wild white exotica, cheesy ecstasy and chicken pepperoni and some of their smoothies.
Timings- 11:00 am-10:30 pm

Clip Kitchen

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This restaurant in sector 14, Raj Nagar serves multi-cuisine but their Italian food is so good. It has both veg and non-veg menu. You must try fries cottage cheese, fusilli pasta, spaghetti, veg lasagne, veggie tacos, and oriental mushroom. You can also try their tiramisu shake, hazelnut frappe and passionfruit basil mocktail.

Timings- 12pm-11pm

Time Out Cafe

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This cafe in Indirapuram has a mixed menu made up of European cuisines and Chinese dishes. They serve Italian food with an Indian touch. Time out cafe serves both veg and non-veg food. You should try their pizzas deluxe veggies pizza, Mac N cheese pizza, Makhani pizza, butter chicken pizza, cheese lover pasta and veg pink sauce pasta. You can also try their baked veggie Nachos and Chip N salsa nachos too. 

Timings- 11 am-10pm

Wood Box Cafe

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They have the best Italian menu with Indian touch in it. This place in Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram is known for its unique pasta varieties such as juicy peri-peri spaghetti with chicken, fusion lasagne with veggies and cheese sheet, and Milano pasta with veggies. You can also find here Indiano chicken tikka pizza, peri-peri pizza with veggies and meatballs, garlic bread with cheese and Margherita pizza loaded with cheese and a hint of basil. The best part is that comes at an affordable price.

Timings- 11am-11pm

Much More Food

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This cafe in Panchsheel square mall, crossing Republik, serves Italian food for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. The menu of the cafe is full of different kinds of pizzas and pasta. You should try Mexican pizza, cheese crust pizza, and pink sauce pasta. They serve only veg food.

Timings- 9am-11pm